Need help with my new Gryson Hannah.

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  1. Hey, i went to century 21 and saw that they had the Gryson Hannah in Magenta and i have been eyeing it on since the sale began. I bought the bag for $200 in saks its still close to $500. I was very surprised to find that inside the bag on the tag it is made in china now. :sad:
    I have researched the bag and the leather is 100% from Italy, but still. I really like the bag i just kind of feel different now but i need opinions, should i keep it? is it worth it? do you like the bag? anything would be great!! i uploaded some pics :smile: Thanks alot!!

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  2. I had a similar reaction when I got one because I didn't realize that they had moved production to China. Their website still said made by Italian craftsmen or something like that. I ended up selling because it ended up being too uncomfortable to carry for me.

    So I think the big question is do you like it at all otherwise? I admit I like Hannah better in all one color, I had a 2 tone Fall 08 bag. I think it's a good bag for $200 - can you return it or would you have to sell it? I'd hold onto it until I felt strongly one way or another.
  3. For $200, I'd be convinced to keep that bag - it's thoughtfully designed, well made, and interesting. I like this bag, and I really don't like that many bags. It looks functional!

    I think if I found it for $200 I would buy it (doesn't it retail for like ~800?), even though I don't need another bag... :smile:

    Cons: It looks heavy, the color isn't as versatile (unless you're the type of person to wear brightly colored bags with anything!)
  4. That magenta colour is really pretty! I have the Hannah in grey and I like it very much. It has a fabric lining which I think the magenta colour has too and that makes it so much lighter than the suede lined bags. I also like the size -not too big, not too small- and the fact that all the handlestraps are removable.

    My bag was made in Italy, I think it is from the last season that Gryson bags were made there instead of China. I would still prefere that they manufactured in Italy, or that they would atleast drop the prices since it must be much cheaper to make the bags in China.

    I would keep the bag, but if you have to think about it too much then it might not be the right bag for you.
  5. I think that's a great bag and you got it at a great price too! :tup:
    If the 'Made in China' really bugs you, then you should return it.. but most things are made in China these days.
  6. mothbeast- yea i can still return it they said.thanks!

    Truereligion- its not heavy at all! it doesnt have that suede lining like it used to its pretty light, i do like it alot because of the color i dont have a bright colored bag yet this is why i got it lol. Thanks!

    Elinasofia- thanks alot, i also do prefer that they were made in italy but such a pretty bag i dont think i care anymore :smile:

    Ampeefyed- thank you, i know alot of things are made there now. i was so surprised to find how alot of brands now say 100% italian leather but are made in china.

    Thank you all, i think im going to keep this bag. i dont have a bag in this color yet and $200 is not that much the leather is super soft and light :smile: