Need help with my first purchaseof B-Bags!

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  1. I finally saved up money to get myself so more bags and I'm 16...I finally decided to purchase my first B-Bag(s) :wlae:since I think I bought enough of lv, gucci, coach, etc!! Now I just can't decide which ones I want... I plan to get 2 B-Bags, a First and City... but just can't choose between the Black :shrugs: White for the City since I want something more durable...The First I prefer to get a more yummy color like blue, pink or purple!! I plan to make my purchase at BalNy in a week or two :yahoo:so please help!! :woohoo:any suggestions??
  2. Welcome to the Bal Forum!!! :heart:

    Well, you have definately made the right decision in purchasing a Bal 'cause they are real beauties!!!

    If you want a classic color/something you can wear with any outfit, then go with the Black.

    The new Spring 08 colors are really nice and VERY lively! I personally have the Electric Blue and the Bouton D'Or (which is the yellow). Both colors very bright! I love them.

    If you are looking for a pink- Pale Magenta or Bubblegum are both really nice. The Pale Magenta is a true magenta color; the bubblegum is a light pink. Depends how PINK you want to go.

    Do a search on the Forum and you will find lots of pics. I am sure that will help you decide what colors you like the best!

    Good luck and HAPPY SHOPPING!!!
  3. I´d buy a black city if I were you........if you are choosing between black or white I would defenitely go with will last so much longer than light colours which tend to get dirty rather quickly! Good luck!!!

  4. Welcome... I would buy a BLACK city w/ RH and a funky first....
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions...Now I'm sure I want a Black city w/ RH...The first is still undecided..after doing a bit of searching now i'm turning sides to the Twiggy...Twiggy or First??
  6. Black City for sure. It will match everything and the White gets dirty too easy. I would go with a first. It's a great 'going out' bag. Perfect for a young person. Take a look at your closet to see which color you might wear most. I'd recommend a first in either pink (magenta or bubble gum) or even the just released Coral red. You will get a pop of color, but should be able to wear it with a lot. Good luck and be sure to post photos once you decide!
  7. rh black city is definitely a classic! as for the first, since you want a pop color, i suggest the bouton d'or or coral red which are really bright and great for summer! so far i've only got cities and firsts, im anxious to try out a twiggy as well, it looks very cute from all the pix posting on this forum :P
  8. First off BRAVO for saving up enough $$$ to treat yourself not only to 1 but 2 Balenciagas!! :wlae:

    As for the First and Twiggy indecision, I believe the First would be much more versatile for you, you could wear it dressed up or down, whereas the Twiggy really is more of a sporty style IMO. The Twiggy can also carry pretty much the same volume as the City, thus answering similar needs as the City. The pale magenta and the coral look lovely in a First and the colors can match with a lot. Lucky girl - you even get to go to BalNY and choose your bag yourself!!
  9. Welcome,

    City is a great bag for everyday use so i would definately stick with the black! The white will get so dirty and drive you nuts :smile:

    As for the first or twiggy... I would go with electric blue or sky blue, or maybe the magenta? i like both styles!
  10. since you'll be making a trip to balny soon, i suggest you to just try all the colours on in person [=. something looks good on others might not look complimenting on you.. and you have the chance to try them on, so do it!!
  11. Black city and a blue first or twiggy!
  12. Black City since it will resist and hide staining or wear, and i say a EB First!!!
  13. Now I think I'm pretty sure decided on Which B-Bags I want..Thanks for all the help!! do you think it's better to go to BalNy to purchase it or Barneys?? :confused1: