Need help with my Drapiday's

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  1. i just got some Drapiday's from NM and they are a tad big, well you can put a whole finger in the back, they fit perfect in the toe box. i hate to return them because they are so pretty. A friend from tpf advised gel heel cups or foot petals. I would love any recommendations from the experts. :smile:

    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Hi Mayen, First off, the Drapiday was a style I did not even think of ordering and then after the sales and the modeling picts...very cute on the foot. The experts will weigh in on this as I have total issues w/ the fit of almost all of my cls...try the foot petals, gel insoles, moleskin, etc. I was thinking that this shoe, like my triclos, with the strap would help with the difficult cl fit...????

  3. you are right about the strap! they are very cute and i hate to part with them :crybaby:
  4. Mayen, You have to totally put a great gel pad in the insole, do a foot petal, any or everything before giving up. Like I said, I don't have this style and I know the strap is a bit different than the Triclo or a Mary Jane style, but it should help w/ the fit. With a strap and some help from a petal or gel sole it should work. If not, you have to part w/ them and get something that works as the CL fit is a tough one and you don't want even a sale shoe sitting unworn...
  5. Are they slipping off? Definitely try tip toes (ball of foot) and heel grips if they are that big. I think bogeyjay said a while back that he put suede halters on his wife's shoes to keep them from slipping forward, maybe that would help. I agree with candyny, try everything and anything before sending them back!
  6. I have the drapidays and if you can fit an entire finger in them, you should return them. Mine fit me perfectly, and due to the shoe construction they still were slipping off a bit. I fixed this with foot petals, but that won't help if you have an entire finger of room. JMHO.
  7. thanks for the recommendations guys, i really appreciate it!!!! :ty: i will try everything......and if not then i will just return them :sad:
  8. mayen--I also just got the Drapidays and am having the same problem, but there is no way I'm sending them back. :nogood: I love them too much. :heart:

    I will get all of the foot petals and heel grips I can to make them work!:graucho:

    It's strange because they are my exact size, but they still slip off when walking. I hope I can find a way around this.

    Good luck with yours also. :smile:
  9. Oooh, i just bought some aswell!! Did you ladies get TTS or size up? I'm worried they might be a tad small. Now, i'm worried about the fit ^^^ !!
  10. If it is a full finger...then you have to return. That is just too much.
    Do not use the gel heel pads...they roll up...use the non-gel ones.

    I still think that is too much room.
  11. I got the Drapidays in the sales .... SO GEORGEOUS in Purple Suede.

    Only thing is bought in my usual CL size and they are really big! Probably needed about two sizes smaller. Only wore out one night and they were falling off me. Going to try a full insole and a heel grip - does anyone have any suggestions on good ones to buy or where to get them? Also where do you get the foot petals? (In Ireland or UK)

    Will let you know what I find helps - I have tightened the strap as far as it goes - no good either.

    They are a very funny fit
  12. Savvy--I got TTS (5), and they slip off. I don't think they come smaller. I did put a half insole in and they are a bit better. But I think I'm going to take them to a cobbler to have them put an insole underneath the leather insole. Someone said that usually works better than the regular insoles.

    Did you order your TTS or did you go bigger? If you ordered TTS, you may still be able to make them work. They are a weird fit though. They fit just perfect everywhere else.

    I will let you know how things turn out. I am not going to give up. I won't send them back!
  13. i know exactly how you feel :graucho: i'm going to target and nordstrom and see what they have to tweak this shoe because everytime i look at them i fall in love a little bit more :love:
  14. Erm .. well i still havent actually figured out my CL size! It's either 40 or 40.5. I range from 39.5 - 41. I have got the Drapidays in a 40 so fingers crossed they will fit!
    I did try and research them before i bought them .. from what i read people advised tts or 0.5 up. I know that might not be the case for everyone now!! :sad:

    Sorry Mayen for interrupting your thread! Just so weird that i've been worried about sizing on them tonight and this appears!
  15. Oh, I definitely don't agree with the .5 size up. No way!