Need help with my *boyfriends* outfit please!

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  1. Ok, my SO and I are having a disagreement lol. He bought this sweater vest and was looking for a shirt to go under it, then I remembered a shirt he had at home that matched. So, we get home and the shirt has this decorative lining that I think looks bad with the sweater, but he thinks he can get away with wearing it together. With the agreement that I would block out his face (lmao) I convinced him to put the shirt and sweater on and let me take pictures so "I can ask my Purse Forum" lol!

    So, here are a couple photos for you, let me know what you think. Excuse the button up, it needs to be dry cleaned!

    Oh yea, I almost forgot...what color slacks should he put on with this? He thinks a tan would look good. Also, shoes? He has some navy blue shoes that match the diamonds perfect, but Im not sure it would look right with a lighter blue colored button up. If he goes with tan pants, Im thinking brown shoes.

    Did I confuse you? :Push:



  2. I think it looks fine. People mix and match patterns all the time. Since the shirt is blue it picks up the blue in vest. If he feels good in it, then I say go for it! LOL
  3. I def. notice the lining of his shirt, and all I can look at. But I don't know if its because you mentioned it or not. In all honesty I don't think others would notice if he wore it together, but it would bother me. The colors look good together I would go with navy pants or charcoal; navy shoes with navy pants, black with charcoal.
  4. I think he looks fine. I did notice the lining, but I don't think it distracts from the overall look. I agree with purseaddict that charcoal pants would look nice.
  5. it's fine, kind of cant stop staring at the lining though because everything is so simple lol.
  6. ^^^He usually goes with a striped undershirt when he wears his sweaters/sweater vests, but we were having a hard time finding a striped shirt that looked good.

    He has some charcoal pants that I held up to the vest and it doesnt really look right because there is no charcoal in the sweater:shrugs:. Maybe Im too matchy matchy lol.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though. Its really helping...keep them coming!
  7. Lol...he's so funny. He must not know that his face is in your avatar! You guys look cute!

    The lining in the collar is in the same color family as the sweater vest and it pulls the outfit together. I guess tan slacks would be OK, but it really depends on the shade because you don't want to have brown/yellow overkill. Navy shoes would just set the pants off, brown would match better but it would be too much in the same color family the way I'm picturing it. I like the navy shoes idea because the sweater vest looks like it has navy in the middle and it would help bring that out and pull it together. If he wears the navy shoes, I don't know if the tan slacks would go so well. It's different when you're trying to picture something and when you're looking at a photo with the actual colors of each item, you know?
  8. I didn't notice the lining until you mentioned it. I think it would look good with tan or khaki pants.
  9. ^^ Thanks!!:blush:
    I totally get what you're saying! So, Navy(Ill make sure they are the same color as the diamonds in the middle) pants and navy shoes would be OK? I put some of the pants I was picturing next to the sweater and Im really thinking the tan pants look the best, but Im not sure about the navy shoes (which dont exactly match, but its so far away it looks OK imo) look right with the tan pants. Im thinking if he goes with the tan pants, brown shoes might look better.

    Im not even sure this tan is the right shade of tan for the shirt. He really wants new pants anyway, so he would be all for it if any of you suggested a different shade of tan lol! Let me know about the shoes too, he has medium brown & dark brown shoes.

    Here are the photos..

    up close photo of the pattern's just to get a better idea of the shade.

    Tan pants. I thought the other pants were navy, but he is saying they are black lol. I'll have to check them in the daylight.

    Brown & Navy(these are for sure navy, the tags are still attached and they say navy lol. but Im not too keen on the stripes..)


    OK, hopefully that can give you a better picture. Like I said, he is willing to buy pants, and even shoes if he has to.
  10. shirt looks fine but I really dislike navy shoes so I'd say go with tan on the bottom
  11. I would go with either of the two pairs pictured in the first picture under the shirts. I can see why you say the stripes don't match, but when it's on it really looks like it's the same color family and it doesn't look bad. Tan would probably looks best for the bottom followed by the charcoal pair (I don't think they're black either). The navy shoes won't go with any pair of pants he has for that outfit. If he wears charcoal, then a pair of black shoes is classic and will match the outfit. If he goes with tan, then I would probably go for a caramel colored shoe. I just woke up so if I sound repetitive, I'm sorry. :P
  12. Anyone else have any input? He's putting the outfit on tomorrow night, we still have time to change it up! lol.
  13. I dont know if its too late but i like it with the navy pants with either show. Im very matchy matchy too so I personally dont like the under shirt because of the pattern. Thats a very nice sweater vest by the way!
  14. Everything is very nice, the choices of colors are nice and the patterns do not clash, he can pull it off, and navy shoes are great too, don't let him wear tan shoes. You got a very good looking boyfriend!
  15. LOL :smile: funny thread! I definitely think the outfit works. Those shirts look fine!