Need help with my 1st Miu Miu bag - Nappa Charm

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  1. Dear gals,
    I just bought a black Nappa Charm, love it very much! A definite versatile bag - hand carry, shoulder carry, side sling. However, i find the 2 buttons quite difficult to open and close. Any Charm owner can share tactics on how handle the buttons? thanks.
  2. How do you find them difficult to open and close? I have one and mine are very easy, I love them...I feel safe them closed but when I need them open they do it easily....
  3. Thanks Butterfly. Will try my best to describe :smile: I need to use both hands to "force" open/close the buttons. Maybe the bag is brand new. Hopefully the buttons will become "seasoned" after some use.
  4. Mmm maybe, because I don't have use any force with mine...and they remain closed...I used to fear if mine got loose they would open randomly but they dont
  5. I have no problem with my buttons too. They open and close pretty easily. Most of the time, I just leave them open. If you find unbuttoning the bag too difficult, try going back to the boutique and see if other similar bags are the same?