Need Help with My 1St Chanel ^o^

  1. Hi everyone, I m sooo new to chanel. I have been itching to buy a chanel bag but I m not sure which one is the right one for me. So I need your chanel expert help on this. I think I want what u girls call 'classic flap', either the small or mini one, that can be worn across the body. And easy to take care of. What could that bag be? And how much is it? What I need to tell the SA when I call them to order? Please help.... TIA
  2. east west
  3. East west is awesome but cannot be worn across the body with the strap it comes with.
  4. Sounds like you would like the caviar leather in whatever bag you pick- as it is easy to care for.

    Good luck picking out a Chanel.:smile:
  5. chain on classic flap is too short to wear across the body. I love the small-mini is too small for me-and caviar really wears well!Let us know which one u pick!U should try to get to a Chanel store to try some bags on for size!