Need help with mutual agreement and Non-paying buyer

  1. I'm having two problems. First is I have a couple of people who bought my items and then emailed me saying "I clicked on it by mistake thinking it was something else" and "My son clicked on it" so I sent mutual agreements and neither of them responded!! :confused1: How will I get FVF back?

    Another problem is a non-paying buyer (I already reported, waited the 8 days, then got my FVF back, and blocked her from bidding on my listings) and it's been a month. She suddenly paid. :oh::wacko:So I have an echeck waiting clearance on my account. I have more of the item available, and there has been no communication from her, I was wondering if anyone experienced this? I figure it should be okay to send after it clears?
  2. For the non paying / mutual agreements... if they do not respond, file a non paying bidder / buyer has not responded dispute to get your FVF back.

    For the weird person who suddenly paid... definitely wait for the money to clear and then transfer it out of your PayPal account. Once the transfer clears, then I think it would be okay to ship the item. Be sure to send it with delivery confirmation. I hope this helps! Good luck!
  3. I would just make sure that you are sending to a confirmed address! :yes:
  4. If they don't respond after 7 days, on the eigth day you can close the dispute. It will give you different options as to why, and you will get back the fees.
  5. Thanks everyone! Yea, one of the people said his eBay account was hijacked so he couldn't sign on to agree to not continue with the transaction. Good to know there is still a way to get FVF's back!