Need help with MJ "The Kid" Stam!!

  1. Hi everyone! I am kinda new to the love of MJ bags. It is through this site that everyone has introduced me to his bags. Everyone is so informed and helpful. I love his bags! I am interested in a quilted MJ Stam. I do not think the large Stam would be for me. I am interested in the "The Kid". Is this the same as a baby Stam? Also, I am not having luck finding one. Is the only place they can be found? Is it exclusive to their site? Also, the one they had in gold went on sale and is now sold out. I want the bag style pictured below. I would love it in black. Does anyone have any information for me? I would greatly appreciate your help!! p11538682_ph_hero.jpg
  2. these went on sale and are kinda hard to find now.... you can find some new and authentic ones on's not the same as a baby stam, which is thinner and smaller in general without handles.. the bag above is 'the kid' it's a small verson the stam

    what i would suggest is that you call around, start with Nordstrom...barneys...Neimans and saks in the large cities if you're not comfortable with eBay...there may be one or two returned.

    good luck!
  3. Would anyone know what are the dimensions of the Kid vs. Baby Stam? :wondering TIA!
  4. I think the actual measurements differ a little (I think 13X9 VS 11X9) but as far as what they can hold it's pretty much the same because the kid side measurement is wider. I had both bags - the kid sits much better than the little stam - it's built like the regular with the wider side measurement. The little stam side view is more flat - KWIM? The kid is a little more 'squatty' so it sits perfectly where my little stam kept tipping over & had to lay on its side.
  5. ^ Thanks for the input! :flowers: