need help with miu miu deerskin color

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  1. Hi ladies, anyone knows the color of this miumiu deerskin bag? Are they the same color in these two pictures? lastly does it only comes in one size? Thanks in advance! :biggrin:

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  2. I have only seen it in black and this white or pomice(?) color and in this size, and also in the same size in a quilted style in stone gray, but maybe someone else know if theres more colors or sizes?

    Good luck!:smile:
  3. Looks like the white one to me. I think it only comes in one size, but it comes in quite a few other colors (a gorgeous beige/gray and navy as well as a nice shade of purple)
  4. I have a bow in white. The color is referred to as "Cera".
  5. thanks ladies:biggrin:
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    Hi ladies, where can I get this deerskin bag in this beige color?

    I am told it's passed season color but I hoping to get one badly...

  7. went into the miu miu store to try on the bow satchel and ended up falling in love with the deerskin, it is like VELVET!
  8. Thanks ThingumyPoppy,butterfly36029.. . .:biggrin: