Need Help with Mike & Chris Size please

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  1. Please gimme an advice: I bought the M&C Nathan in medium, but it didn´t fit well. Now I exchanged it to small, it fits, but with a cashmere sweater it is very tight. I´d like to know, if it becomes it little more loose, when you wear it often or should I take the medium? (I´m 5´7 and normally small, US 4 or 6, denim 26 or 27). Thanx for your help :smile:
  2. I bought the jesse in XS and its stretched in the arms. The body of my jacket isn't tight so that hasn't stretched but i think yours is more fitted and will def stretch out.. hth
  3. mine has not stretched.... granted, i dont wear it every day.... i would go for the medium
  4. My Jesse stretched out after I wore it with sweaters. My others have not stretched out but I haven't worn them all that much yet.
  5. Don´t worry, it will stretch out. Wear it as often as you can.
  6. The leather will defintely stretch out, it's leather. Depending on how much tension you put on the leather will determine how much it will stretch. If you force a hoody, underneath it .. it will stretch but if you basically just leave it how it is with a shirt or thin cashmere underneath it, it won't stretch as much
  7. Thank you all for your help :smile: Still not sure about it, but I think the best is to keep it and wear it a lot!