Need help with Marc Jacobs

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  1. Trying to decide - Marc Jacobs Stella or Blake bag?
  2. the Stella is more comfortable for me. it also fits magazines, files, etc. better because of its height, but I prefer how the Blake looks more.
  3. i agree with kim - stella is more comfortable. :yes:

    the rolled straps on the blake dug into my shoulders, plus they weren't as long or adjustable.
  4. I think it depends on what you plan to use it for. They're both great styles but I also find the Stella to be much comfier and spacious. You really can't go wrong with either, though. Keep us posted on your decision and post pics when you get one! :smile:
  5. Both! They both rock in their own way (I know, not very helpful to you, is it). Ditto what Tad and PM said above in terms of fit and size.
    Let us know what you decide! :balloon:
  6. i love the looks of the Blake more, but also think that a Stella would be easier to use
  7. i love them both--they are definitely my favorites! the blake is a bit dressier, i guess. it holds a lot. the stella is the perfect size for me--fits bulky things (like diapers and juice boxes) well...but i can fit those things in a blake, too.

    the blake actually stays on my shoulder a bit better than the stella.
  8. Thank y'all SO much for your help and input - it really helps! And now I've seen the Jen so I'm thinking it's between the Stella and the Jen - if anyone has it :smile:
  9. Okay - I promise, no more choices after this...but I meant to also ask about the Amber Corner Zip Tote...SO Stella, Jen, or Amber???? I will use it for every day and also casual evenings out, and I want a bag to stay on my shoulder. Thanks!
  10. I love both the Blake and Stella! ! Jen is not really my style. I love the contemporary look of the Amber with studs at all.. I think it'll make a great everyday bag!