Need help with Manolos!!

  1. Hi all! So it's the middle of the night and go figure I can't sleep. So I'm surfing the auctions and found a few pairs of Manolos that I'm considering bidding on. I know this is a "Purse forum", but I figured that if anyone has any knowledge of everything designer, it would be you all!!

    So, here are a couple of photos of each of the shoes. Any help on whether these are authentic, etc. would be much appreciated! (do they even make manolo knockoffs that say manolo on them?) (or does that show how much I don't know? Lol).

    Pair 1:

    Pair 2:

    Pair 3:

    Ps- why are the soles on the first pair black? Is that what they look like when you have them resoled or are they just not real lol?
  2. Hi! In the future, you should post in our Glass Slipper section -- that's where everyone talks about shoes.

    These pairs look to be real. The reason why the first pair has a black sole is because yes, they were resoled. (Kind of a sloppy job if you ask me.)

    Blahniks aren't faked as much as others are, the Okla boots were faked a lot when they first came out. Look at the label on the shoe. If it's just glued on, then it's a fake. If the label is stitched inside the material, like these shoes, they're real.
  3. Thanks!! And I will post in the correct section from now on!