need help with m by mj

  1. Hi all-

    If anyone sees a m by mj totally turnlock bag (teri, bowler) in black at any store could you please let me know the store and the phone #. I am trying to locate one to buy for my best friend's bday and I don't typically see m by mj bags in my local stores.
  2. Saw two black teri at Saks beverly hills yesterday:nuts:
    phone number 310-275-4211
  3. I'll keep my eyes open for them. What a good friend you are!
  4. Saw the Teri and Bowler in Black last week at the San Francisco Bloomingdales. Downtown on Market in the Westfield Shopping Center. Sorry I don't have number. Good luck.

    I love this softy leather.
  5. I saw Black Bowler and Teri at the Macys in Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas recently. Sorry I don't have the number handy but you can search the Macys webpage for it, as well as other large Macys - mine doesn't ever carry anything that nice either!
  6. I know you said you want one from a store, but there's one on eBay, new. Just search Marc Jacobs turnlock.
  7. thanks for all your help. I looked up the stores and called. The only store that thinks they might have a black bowler left is the Macys in the Fashion Show Mall. The SA is going to get back to me. In the meantime, I am watching the auction for the one on eBay.

    Thanks again! I'll let you all know once I track one down. Until then, I appreciate any leads you might have.
  8. addictedtopurses, I'm also watching the auction! I actually bid on it about 7 times making the bid higher (and the highest I decided to go was 350 but it was still below the reserve anyway) but the seller wants around 400 (the original selling price?) so you could probably win at the end if you do that! As for me I think I'm just going to wait for the spring line, the "Heidi" bag looks very similar to the bowler anyway.