Need Help with LOUIS VUITTON & GUCCI authentications? Please read the basics! :)

Nov 20, 2006
Perth, Australia
I only recently discovered this board and found it a useful tool to find the latest information on designer purses. However this thread caught my attention about ebay. I am new to this board but been helping ebayers authenticate these designers on the ebay australian purse authentication board. I thought to use a bit of time to post some information on buying these designer bags on ebay.

Not everyone can afford paying RRP for designer purses & of course wouldnt mind a bargain. My advice is to go these respective fashion houses and check out the purse you r interested in ebay and have a good look at nearly everything with the bag. Also go to the websites and check them out. Gucci has a fantastic website for close up details

Probably these basics tips will help u make a decision on the listing u attend to bid on ebay:

1. BASIC! There is NO such thing as wholesale Gucci & Louis Vuitton. PLEASE if any seller posts this on their listing or claim they get their purse wholesale this is a load of C**P. These seller are very manipulative so be very careful and even if they say will provide money back guarantee however doesnt necessary mean its the real thing.

2. If u spammed on ebay with offers to buy LV etc please do not believe them that they sell authentic designer goods. NO fashion house would ever b cheap enough to spam ebayers to advertise their goods.

3. Watch out for sellers claiming to be a employee, manager or knowing someone from LV or Gucci. Any employee caught selling designer purses will be automatically fired under contract and will hold heavy consequences.

4. Ask questions thouroughly. I suggest always asking these questions:
-Do your pictures correspond to the purse the winner will b getting?

-If u confident your handbag is genuine, do u have absolute confidence in offering 100% money back guarantee plus postage both ways?

5. Sellers who want to sell LV & Gucci be very careful. There have nightmare stories of buyer who recieve your authentic purse and claim to unathentic and want a refund and send back a FAKE purse!!!!!

I suggest that if u r selling a highly expensive purse i recommend taking these precautions. IF u can go to a store and buy a security tab so u can attatch it to your purse so it can ONLY be removed by cutting it. Take tons of pictures and perhaps do a simple letter saying this is my purse and have a witness sign the letter to confirm that they have seen this in real life.

When I sell designer stuff I always demand the buyer to pay for insurance. It's non negotiable if lost through postage and they no excuse for saying they "lost" the postage.


1. The dust bag for their bags- Older bag usually will have a beautiful light brown cotton dust bag with only "LV" stamped in the middle. All Louis Vuitton bags etc never have "LOUIS VUITTON MADE IN FRANCE ETC" on their dust bags. The newer ones have a almost linen feel to the dust bags and are light colour.

Nevertheless all their dust will have a tab inside specify where it is made & a code as well. Usually they are made in Italy

Their wallets always square and NO rounded edges. If u see ANY RED font on the bag its definitely FAKE.

2. IF u see hanging tags or any monogram patches they are FAKE.

3. Usually their purses & wallets will come with 2 simple tags.

One will have:


The next lines will have the materials used to make the purse. One side will be in French and the other English.

The other (sometimes they dont give them depends). Will have the model number like:

Next will b the purses name eg: THEDA GM MONOGRAM

If u are taking to the LV store usually they will scan this and if corresponds to purse or is scannable in the first its should b authentic.

4. CERISES always have their eyes BLUE. If there is no colour its a FAKE.

5. MONOGRAM SYMMETRY: This is hard to decribe and I do not want to post any pictures as they are often stolen to benefit these fraudalent sellers. But usually on the side of the bag the mongrams should have pefect symmetry side by side. Often it made differ a few millimetres but it will b ok.

6. DATE CODES: sigh I see this as a constant mistake ebayers make. Even though a LV on ebay has a date code its doesnt mean its real. Becareful. Note that not all LV are made in FRances.

Specific models are made in sometimes in Italy or Spain. Eg. Damier Ribera is usually made in Spain. Often the Suhali range are made in Italy.

Like my ellipse has this date code:
Which means:
TH is a symbol that the purse is made in France.
Now to know the month and the year it is made this is how:


MONTH: You take the 1st & 3rd number which will be 05 meaning MAY
YEAR: You take the 2nd & 4th number which will be 02 meaning it was made in 2002

HENCE my ellipse MM was made in May of 2002 in France.

This is it for now. Gucci ones usually if post ya item number i could have a look and authenticate it the best I can :smile:

But usually its always best to take it the boutique and have it authenticated properly by sales reps but if u can get the manager be great.