Need help with listings

  1. Ok, I consider myself somewhat savvy when it comes to selling on eBay, but I am banging my head on a wall. I have three purses I desperately want to get rid (need to fund my new purses and Christmas stuff). I have listed 2 of these purses like 4 times and I am not pricing them high either. One is a very very limited edition LV America's Cup purse from 1995 in excellent condition. The other is the LARGE Epi Toledo Blue Noe also, in great condition outside.. inside has a spot. I am rock bottoming these at this point almost w/o just giving them away. I need some pointers from some of you on how to get rid of these things. I don't get it... I have tons of pictures, use Auctiva w/ all the bells and whistles, paid for all kinds of extra features i.e. bold, border, highlighted.... what am I doing wrong here? I have over 300+ ALL POSITIVE feedback... not even a withdrawel of feedback. Sad thing is, I see other sellers selling the same things for a decent amount esp that FashionX or whatever (the MPRS seller who buys under another name).

    I had a thought... should I group these two purses together in one auction to make it look like a great deal? Should I send these to a MPRS consignor to sell for me even though my feedback is great? Heck, I could not even sell my Amfar 3 for a decent amount a week ago. Which is no biggy since I am on the fence w/ it anyway. But, these other two.....

    Please please guys.... any help from any of you would be beyond appreciated. I know I cannot give out any auction #'s etc for you to look at and see what I may be doing wrong which is why I was so descriptive.
  2. How are you listing them? Buy it now with best offer or auction style with reserve?
  3. The only cup bag listed is mine... that is my auction listed over and over and there has not been another like it listed on eBay in over 6+ months. It is a very rare purse. The epi Noe blue one in those is mine, I am doing a BIN w/ Best Offer. I have tried BOTH ways... auction type and BIN w/ Best Offer... got a best offer of 100.00.
  4. I don't know if this is going to be helpful... but sometimes I think relisting the bag over and over just kind of devalues it - for people who are watching eBay regularly, seeing the same bag again and again kind of reinforces that nobody wants that one, and makes it even less likely that it will sell. When I've listed something twice and it hasn't sold, I generally give it a break - just put it in the closet for a couple of months and try again later. Doesn't help if you need the money right now, of course.
  5. For the LV cup bag, I'd take new pictures with the bag against a plain white or neutral colored background- the colored bedding is distracting and could come off as unprofessional to some buyers. Also I'd take a pic of it hanging by the strap so buyers can see what it'd look like when worn- doorknobs, backs of chairs, or coathooks are good for this. For this item, since you're trying to stress it's rarity, I'd start it at $100-$150 with no reserve- $50 is an odd number to buyers looking for an authentic LV when it's priced in fake territory, and I know that I myself as a bidder usually ignore reserve auctions. Also I'd stop paying for highlighting and bordering- I'm actually more likely to stay away from those auctions beacuse I think they're more likely to get bid up. Good luck!
  6. And sometimes it helps to say a white lie- that you brought it from a store rather than a my poupette seller! That says to me its 3rd/4th hand! As long as you describe the condition acurately!
  7. Valley, you don't pay for those using Auctiva auctions, which is why they are a great listing tool. Ok, will take some new pics.... I just thought saying it was purchased from a MPRS would reassure some, I know when I buy I only buy from either a MPRS or ALVA seller w/ a good rep. And on the background for the Cup purse... I used it because the Cup is aquatic and the TH flags, blue background etc, I just thought would tie in nicely... will try white now. Sad thing is, I have never even used the Noe or the Cup bag.. lol
  8. Ebay is kind of tough right now. I am getting no bids on brand new bags listed for under retail.
  9. yes, i agree, ebay is still so slow...what i have found that works really well for designer bags ( and MPRS also have been doing this recently) is listing the bag with a starting price of $.01 or $.99 or something insanely cheap, and then placing a reserve on the bag. also, photo's are super important in regards to auth. designer bags. they usually look and sell best when photographed in bright natural light, and on a nice solid colored background material, such as red, white or a neutral earthtone. pretend your doing a photoshoot with your will do a hell of a lot for the potential to sell it, moreso than just snapping some pics on a bed or counter...
  10. Hello, Try OBO format or ask a trading assistant to sell for you. I have had a rough time with some amazing bags limited edition LV etc..and I am a Powerseller with over 1089 feedback and a strong Hermes and LV selling history..right now ebay seems a bit lousey..good luck!
  11. I did have this as OBO and then tried auction w/ reserve then went back to OBO....
    Got an offer of 150.00 for the Amfar 3, which I posted in another thread as the guy's comments were so off the wall.

    Well, I listed a wallet, strap and the Epi Noe just now and at this point just gonna say whatever... no reserve, no restrictions... just selling it at this point and see how it flies. Epi Noe's just are not selling at all because there is just a massive amount of them. The Cup bag and Amfar I am holding off on as those are mint and I am not going to take such a huge loss on them... rather just keep them for a while. Thanks for all your help. What is funny, is there are like 2-3 sellers who still seem to be moooooving them out... one we have spoken of in this section before who buys used under another s/n and sells under her MPRS s/n. Still trying to figure out how she gets such a markup.
  12. Have you changed the wording in the title? Maybe different key words will bring new attention.