Need help with lighting for my pictures

  1. I am not selling on eBay but I think this is the best place to ask

    I am trying to set up a URL to sell off my collection. I am having a terrible time getting good pictures and need advice on how to light properly. Do I light from above, below, on all sides?????? I would love the have the lighting quality of let-trade or something similar.

    Also, should I get special bulbs? All that I have used have a yellow tint to them and it just isn't looking good

    TIA for any advice you can give!! :flowers:
  2. Are you using a digital camera? If so, just use the "flash on" setting and you should have proper lighting.
    Be sure that your camera is set for the correct size pixels also.
  3. You need to take pictures in natural light. Or in a room that has lots of natural light coming into it.
  4. When possible, try taking pictures in natural sunlight. Also, use the macro setting (little flower) on your digicam. There are also photoshop and other programs to tweak you pictures. If you have a MAC, there is HP Image Zone where you can try different effects like black and white, antique, etc.
  5. Make sure that the natural sunlight coming into the room is behind you as you are facing your item that you are photographing.
  6. I take pics in the morning at my friend's terrace :smile:
  7. I never thought of natural light! I will try that tomorrow morning! I wish the rain would stop so that I could just go outside. No room in our home has loads of sunlight!

    Thank you everyone!!! :flowers:
  8. get a tripod on eBay for cheap
  9. I purchased some great white foam type boards at the dollar store. I set them up in cube kind of way on the flat surface/against a wall and the pictures come out great. Also natural light is a must.
  10. You could also invest in a little tabletop light tent. That's what I use to photograph my jewelry. I use two lamps with strong natural light bulbs and try to shoot during the day to get natural light through the windows as well.
  11. I have two Ikea floor lamps with those flexible heads on them. I usually put one behind the item and one in front. The flexible heads make it real easy to point the light where you need it. They cost like $10 a piece. I love that store.
  12. i use natural light, or just a good indoor light will do.
  13. I get the best results when setting up using a sheet as a background in front of my sliding glass door to my patio during full daylight. Open all drapes and get the room as bright as possible. Outside is even better if weather permits. It's terribly wet here all the time too. If it isn't snowing, it's raining!