Need help with JIMMY CHOO stiletto boots--post your quick review here please?

  1. I'm eying the Peony knee high boot or the Daisy ankle boot--or maybe both! :shame: I LOVE them, but I'm scared to take the jump as I haven't paid more than $400 for shoes.

    Have you found them to be uncomfortable or worth the price?

    While I'm willing to suffer * a liiiiitle *, I'm in the city and have to walk comfortably for at least 2 hours, sometimes 3. What do you think?

    :flowers: Thanks for your input! (Just fyi I have regular-width feet, maybe on the narrow side, definitely not wide)


  2. I have found JC shoes and boots to be the most comfortable of all designer shoes. I always found that Gucci and Prada would kill me but JC would be perfection!

    If I were you I'd go for the knee high as you can wear them with anything
  3. I have both pair of boots. I actually find Gucci and Prada to be my most comfortable (in that order)then Jimmy choo. Both pairs of boots are okay with me (however, I have a slightly wide foot unlike the OP). I sized up a 1/2 size in them. As they are breaking in they have become more comfortable. The same boots come in several different heel heights so I suggest you go with the lower one. The tall boot and the short boot feel the same. I got both b/c I hate wearing tall boots under pants (I'm petite so they come directly up to my knee).
  4. i have over 10 pairs of jimmy choo boots, of the peony style alone, i have 3, and the daisy, i have 2....the comfort and style is incomparable, which is why i keep on buying them!

    they are true to size on me and most importantly, the peony fits my calves perfectly, so it's very flattering and i dont have to take them to the shoe repair to do any alterations.

    i like both heights honestly, because sometimes you just want to slip on that ankle boot and go, and other times you want the extra oomph that the knee high style gives you, and in nyc, a nice pair of chic knee high boots go a long way...

    i also own the orchid style, which is the highest heel, but i love my peony height, it's perfect and i can wear them all day to work, and take them out to drinks afterwards. some might think they're too plain, but i think they are the classic style. ofcourse, fit is the most important, so if your feet or calves are not comfy in them, you shouldn't get them.
  5. I have the DAISY boots..and Im VERY DISAPPOINTED in them
    Within TWO wearings...the tip of the toe started peeling off leather.They looked old and used after 3 wearings.I much prefer CHANEL and Prada boots over Choo boots.I wont be buying CHOO boots again.I do adore their heels though
  6. I've been hankering for a pair of Jimmy Choo Peony/Orchid boots foreeeever. It will be my fall '08 boot purchase later on this fall; I've tried on this boot a million times (it fits me perfectly) and plan to finally bite the bullet this year. You can't go wrong with chic & professional-looking at the same time.
  7. I have both & they are very classic!
    Pretty comfy too...not sneaker comfy, but they wont kill your feet after a few hours.
    Take the plunge and get them both. You will be very satisfied.
  8. I have a pair of JC sandals and they do kill my feet after maybe 20-30 minutes of walking. Super cute though. I wouldn't buy JC for comfort :smile:
  9. Thanks all for your advice! I think I'm buying the Daisy boots! I also tried on the Peony today, and was suprised to find my calves too large for them--I'm 5'5", 110 lbs. (I guess I'm not that surprised, knowing they're cut slim.) Are they able to be stretched, or should I just find something else?

    (Jill, were you able to do anything with those boots?)
  10. How much too small were they? Could you do them up? If you could do them up but they were snug then they will probably loosen up enough to be comfortable but if you couldn't do them up at all then there isn't alot you can do
  11. ^ It was a tight fit. I thought I wouldn't be able to do them up, and when I did, I had a case of muffin top :p
  12. I wore my Peonys twice, and donated them. The boot was tight and rubbed on the tops of my feet.
  13. Muffin top leg.....LOL!

    I reckon they would stretch out without too much work and could possibly be given a little stretch at a good cobblers
  14. Thank goodness somebody else has this too! I tried on the Orchid at the JC store and I could barely zip up over my calf. I'm 5'2", 100 lbs and know for sure that I don't have big calves. So weird... I felt really fat after that. I ended up buying the suede version (Iris) and I LOVE them. I can walk in them for hours and walking around downtown Seattle is no easy feat (it's really hilly).
  15. ^ Likewise! :smile:

    I just called Jimmy Choo in Beverly Hills, and the SA was so kind when I explained the situation with my calves + Peony. She laughed with me and revealed the shaft is too slim for most people initially (including her). A good cobbler can stretch them to fit me perfectly. It reminded me of those sitting-in-the-tub/shrink-to-fit jeans, but in the reverse sense?

    I guess maaaybe I'll get both pairs :p I'm going to get the Peonys at Nordstrom, just in case I experience problems mentioned by other TPFers.