need help with jeans!

  1. i'm 5'9" very lean and i think skinny jeans makes my legs look alot more skinnier and i wonder what jeans suits me.. any suggestions? opinions? TIA!:yes:
  2. OMG! you're tall :yes:
    i would wear skinny jeans all the time if i were you! :p
  3. haha!! thanks!! i got long, really skinny legs that i hate!!!
  4. I'm also rather tall and skinny (5'8") and I have found that straight leg jeans look best on me. You are right - skinny jeans will only make you look taller and skinnier (which isn't a bad thing, IMO ;) ) and wide leg jeans can look weird on long legs. SFAM makes some good straight leg jeans - not too wide, not too narrow :yes:.
  5. i agree with straight legs. have you tried paiges? they look sooo good on my really tall friends.
  6. How about Notify ANemone? I am not tall at all (quite the opposite....) but IMO this style looks great on anyone - straight leg and they do come with long inseam - check those out
  7. tsubi and sass & bide make great straight/skinny legs. rock & republic in the stockholm or costello style are nice too.

    i envy your body!!
  8. anlo and william rast jeans are my latest passions...they are great tall girls.
  9. I'm your height, and I live in Hudsons. I've never been more pleased with a denim brand! They don't seem to stretch out or bag; they retain their forms beautifully; and they are both comfortable and stylish.
  10. thanks Sara!!! thanks a lot pretty ladies! =0 sometimes i think if i wear really tight skinnies, my legs look like 1+1! LOL! =)
  11. I have some Goldsign skinny jeans that i love! :heart:
  12. wish i had your problem lol