Need Help with Isabella Fiore Bag!!

  1. I have always loved IF's hugs and Kisses Sydney tote, and I almost bought one today...and then I spotted an IF hobo bag with the Hugs and kisses skin. (pic of it attached below)

    Now I can only find it on NM and Bergof Goodmans website, and they both say that it also comes in Tan, but there are no pics of that one.

    Is this design brand new for this year or is it last season, as I cant find it anywhere else on the web?

    As someone who lives in the UK, IF's bags are scarce here so I cant check out the big stores to see if I can find it.

    xo hobo.jpg
  2. Is this the right color? These are not the "Carina" (IF's hobo) style, but it still should be the color you are looking for.

    Isabella Fiore - Hugs And Kisses Sydney Tote -

    or a "real" life one:
    eBay Item: 260074014372 (Ends 16-01-2007 09:17:10 PHT) - ISABELLA FIORE TAN HUGS AND KISSES SYDNEY,HANDBAG

    Isabella Fiore Angelina : Fiore_H65033 : Handbags : Isabella Fiore : Hugs and Kisses :

    I also found this at
    Isabella Fiore -  Sidney Tote -  Neiman Marcus

    Also, it looks like IF has changed the name of their XL hobo's from "Carina" to "Trina."

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks Bjara..

    Yes the ones you showed me are the IF bags that I orginally craved, but then I saw the new style that I showed in the photo link, and now I like that too.

    Oh which one to get:shrugs:

  4. Hey I like that maroon colour!
  5. I think this was fall/winter 2006. I was looking at a similar IF bag at a boutique that had them on sale to make room for the spring line.