Need help with International purchases, please!

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  1. Please help, I've never purchased bags online from overseas. What exactly are duty or custom fees? Would I need to pick up the item at the custom’s office and pay them the taxes? Also, what percentage is the tax? Let’s say my purchase is $800.00.
    Thanks in advance for your help :heart:
  2. Where do you live?
  3. I'm in the Washington DC area in the US.
  4. I am in Canada but I think the US is about the same. So depending on where you buy from;

    Customs and taxes are what the government charge you for importing an item.

    - some sites pre-charge you customs and duties and pay it on your behalf (be careful that you get your money back incase you decide to return the item). I had a problem with the international site. They wouldn't refund me my customs and it was such a hassle to get the money back.

    - Other sites will just ship and the company or service will pay customs on your behalf and then you pay them directly, or they bill you!

    In canada we pay upto 30% of the value of the is usually less than that though. Its luck of the draw really.....

  5. Thank you so much for your help!

    WOW, 30% is outrageous :yucky: I'm not really saving any money then...[FONT=&quot][/FONT]
  6. ^ I don't think it's that high in the US.

    In the UK, it's about 18% for leather goods being sent from the US (that's how much NAP charges), so I imagine that it would probably be the same, or less. :yes:
  7. I import from Italy, bags for my business. The last shippment I believe was 9% customs taxes. Shipping is Fairly expense to. If your buying retail you would be better off buying in the U.S.
  8. Thank you all so much for your help :heart: