Need Help with handle fix!!!!!!

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  1. Hello Tpfers!!!
    I bought a BANDOULIÈRE about 2years ago from LV flagship store.
    And since i have 3kids, carried neverfull nearly everyday.
    I pull out this beauty today to carry and omg!!! Handles were stuck in the bag and when i pull it out, paint came off.........what the????
    Did any of you had issues with this? Can i replace handles or do you think LV will repair it at no cost?
    I wasnt instructed these paint can come off. My bag was stored in the dust bag all the time.

    Im so so stressed!!!
    Please share youe experience. Thank you in advance

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  2. I had the same problem with my speedys and I brought it back to store which they repaired for free. They also informed me that the new formula of the glazing will not have the same problem again, which I find it true:smile:) hope this helps
  3. Oh great!!! Same leather type? May i ask you which store?
  4. Yes It's the same empriente leather! My wallets have the same problem and they allow me to exchange it to a new one. I'm in Singapore! I've went to 2 boutiques to repair for a few items and the SAs are really nice
  5. Just go to your store and they will take care of it for you.
  6. Thanks!!! If i have any issues with my store in austrlia, i will tell them about how singapore store handles similar situation.
  7. Thank you 🤗