Need help with Gustto

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    Does anyone know if fake Gustto bags exist? I am trying to pick one up off eBay but I have to make sure before I do. Thanks!
  2. Yes they do--do a search for Baca on this site and you will find info; I don't know about fakes other than Bacas.

    Ioffer has had them, the leather looks all burnt & weird. You could post the eBay link and someone might help authenticating.

    I have gotten 2 Bacas off eBay and am very happy with them a girl complimented me on one of them yesterday. I could tell she was really checking it out (you can tell when someone's eyes glaze over when looking at a bag!).
  3. There are fake Baca bags and Perlina (I think that's the name) - If you go to iOffer and search for Gustto products, you'll get an idea of what the fake ones look like. It might be a little hard to tell from the untrained eye, but at least if you saw what you knew were fake, it might be easier to compare.

    One thing that has been talked about at great lengths on TPF is the inconsistencies w/Gustto bags, esp the Baca. What some people thought were indications of a fake bag, turned out to be nothing more than a difference in design. You can also post pics of the bag you're considering & ask for opinions here.
  4. I believe they're authentic..
  5. Both of those look authentic to me.
  6. Funny--I was looking at one of those myself but I do have enough bacas for now.

    I also think they are authentic, just cheaper because they are white. You could probably even get a white one dyed darker--if you got it super inexpensive and you trusted the person doing the work, it could be very cool.

    Also, if you wait long enough (patience is so hard, I know!), different colored bacas will come up for auction. I got a great caramel for way under $200, it is my current fave.