Need help with GLOBE SHOPPER CABAS GM...

  1. The Globe shopper isnt hideous. I want a PM one myself. But I really don't trust eBay when it comes to buying a globe.
  2. Those look real. The fake one I saw last week had leather buckles on the side instead of the same canvas material.
  3. The seller won't sell to anyone with zero feedback but they have zero feedback themselves... hmmmmmm

    S/he is selling a fake Speedy 30 - beware. Has lots of "authentic" bags that are new and at low prices. Not my cup of tea.
  4. I meant the first seller with my previous post.
  5. The second listing shows a photo from eLuxury (IMO that's not a good sign right there as sellers should always use their own photos). Also the LV trademark patch is not clear. Plastic still on the handle handware even though it was used once? I smell a rat.
  6. I love that bag. What was the original cost?
  7. That was exactly what I asked... if you don't trust people that have zero feedback, why should people trust you the seller with zero feedback:blink: ?
  8. Original cost of the bag GM size is $1700+
  9. I have no choice...I called LV and they said it is sold out in the entire US....:unsure: :wacko:
  10. Yikes, both of those sellers have vvery low feedback (0, 17). Stay away from those auctions.
  11. i don't think the first one is real. the blue is tooooo blue. i have the mm shopper in blue. and the second... is an ad picture. i wouldn't buy unless u realize that it is a fake. and no one would sell for such a low price. that doesn't make any sense. business is business! no one wants to lose money. my opinion.
  12. agreed. both of the prices for these bags are way too low. expect to pay at the lowest 1/2 of the original price for authentic lv on ebay. there are so many fakes out there...