need help with Forever Sequined Borsa

  1. I've just ordered one on NM, the 40% off sale...
    It seems like the bag is not loved by most ppl....I liked it at the first sight and then started to worry if the bag is too flashy..
    Is there any one here own this little bag? How is it?It would be most helpful if there's any pics:p:p:p thx
  2. I think there is one person here who owns this bag. I wouldn't worry about what other people think though. If you love it, Rock It! Personally, I think it's all in the attitude of the woman/man who carries it. It's a fun color combination, plus the sequins aren't too over the top. Please post pics when it comes in though, we all wanna see! ;)
  3. ^thx, yes I'll definitely pose some pics once I get it (hopefully....if it doesn't get cancelled..)
  4. too bad, i received the bag yesterday, but it's defected, the metallic leather is falling apart...have to return it:tdown::tdown::tdown:
  5. the whole fendi forever collection is messed up like that

    i didn't get the sequined one.. i got a simple one with metallic red.. and a couple of wears later it started peeling.. i bought it from another country and took it to Fendi here and they said they would order new straps for me.. they never called, so i went back and the guy told me that if i had bought it from here they would've given me store credit back for it because the entire line was defected (can u say RETARDED?) ..and fendi is meant to be worldwide (minus russia i think) so i had a huge fight with them and they said they would see what they could do and call me.. they never called.. and the bag peels a bit more every time i wear it.. i just don't understand why u would put a product out on the market without testing it first?
  6. I LOVE THE RAINBOW-COLORED SEQUINED BORSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why the heck is everyone giving Fendi such a hard time? The B Bags where phenomenal (the blue and white Fendi B and the red and white Fendi B are show-stoppers!) and the sequined Borsas are so GLAM! And what about the crossword clutches? I get so many compliments on my Fendi bags, so I really can't believe that so many people dislike them. Truthfully, the're just missing out. C'mon, people ;)

    I missed out on this one you've mentioned, but I want it ASAP, ASAP, ASAP. I just bought the yellow-handled one off of the N.M. website - this bag looks friggin' amazing with a canary-yellow dress! I promise!!!!
    I'm on eBay hunting the sequined Borsa down, as we speak! Wish me luck ;)
  7. IHL99 - :wlae::wlae:YOU GO GIRL!! :wlae:

    I have to agree some of the sequin/metallic beauties FENDI has come out with lately are amaaaazing!:tup: They need to be seen IRL PFERS.....:drool:

    And yes, some of them do come apart a bit at times, but they are worth it...:p All that GLAM!
  8. hi lover


    i think i'm kind of late, but i have one and i ADORE ITTTTTTT, my one hasnt started peeling (touch wood) and i made great use of it this dec. AND DAMN 40% ofF? I got seriously ripped off here in syd :sad:

    pic: (excuse the background)[​IMG]
  10. :amazed:
  11. I finally snagged one of these beauties on eBay! She's immaculate!
  12. Here's my new sequin Fendi bag that I love so much! I tried and tried to find this little bag ... and finally, succeeded :yahoo:


  13. Its beautiful. Congrats on finally being able to find one.
  14. Thank you, cdnshopper! This one might have been the toughest purse I've ever had to find, funny enough! I was so relieved when it finally came up on eBay!
  15. so pretty! Glad you found your bag - love your Gucci collection too!