Need help with first purchase!!

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  1. i am going to buy my first Louis Vuitton and have some questions. First, they are all so lovely- how to choose! I like the Azur color but does it get dirty quickly? Would you recommend the Ebene for someone with children?
  2. I would definitely recommend Ebene or Monogram for anyone who has kids. Also, Azur has issues with color transfer - anything that constantly rubs against it may cause discoloration, especially dark colors.
  3. Thanks Spohia! Do you think the Ebene will work if I have lots of gray and black in my closet?
  4. For your first LV, I would definitely go with a classic mono or damier ebene. I find the mono to be more neutral than the damier ebene. however, the ebene is worry free because it does not have the vachetta leather as the mono.

  5. It should. I wear all my bags with anything. I did notice, though, that Ebene looks especially good with reds. As Cindy said, Monogram is more neutral. I've worn my Mono items with black, if that helps.
  6. I have a small child and I also wear alot of gray/black... my Damier Ebene bags seem to be my go-to bags. I have both Mono & Damier, but I think I favor the Damier a bit more. Either would probably work though. GL choosing what to get!