Need help with fendi spy dustbag!!

  1. Hey everyone,

    i just got a new spy bag and this is the first fendi i have ever gotten so i was a little surprised at the quality of the dustbag. I got the black nylon one with a leather tie string looking thing. I have tried to figure it out a million times, i have no idea how i am suppose to tie up the dustbag. Someone please help me, it's getting extremely frustrating!!!
  2. Yeah, I agree that the quality of the Fendi dust bags isn't the greatest. My baby spy came with a drawstring dust bag, but all my other Fendi bags came with the type you have. I just put my purse in the dust bag, kind of gather the top together, wrap the little leather cords around the gathered top, and tie the cords in a bow. Hope this help.
  3. thanks kate79, i tried what you said but i had to give my bag a bit of a stuffing to persude it to fit nicely into the dustbag before i could tie it up. But it looks cute now haha looks like a little preasent Thanks!
  4. I don't even tie it up. I just tighten the top and it stays that way, so it doesn't really bother me. ^^
  5. I just carefully fold the top over and form a sort of flap and store it with the flap side up