Need help with Edith tote.

  1. Hi ladies:
    I am thinking about buying an Edith tote with shoulder strap from Net a Porter and I have a question:
    Is she very heavy?
    I have in my closet some bags that i do not use because I find them very heavy and I do not want the Edith to "sleep" in her dust bag.
  2. I won't say it's heavy, much less than paddy at least. And it's very easy to carry and to match clothes, although I love paddy more, edith is definitely a perfect bag for work!:tup:
  3. No I don't think it's that heavy. I have the Edith without the shoulder strap, so I bet that with the shoulder strap it won't feel heavy at all!
  4. I have the satchel with the strap and without, no major difference between the two. They are not very heavy but not light weight either.

    You can always buy and return if you don't like it!
  5. i :heart: the look of the edith WITH the strap. it's not as heavy as the paddy - so that's a good start.

    Are there still ediths at NAP sale? last i checked they've sold out :s
  6. they keep popping up! there's a white one today!
  7. Many, many thanks. You are very nice ladies :heart:
  8. I have a question for you, rinstar:
    What is the meaning of "first season leather"? I have just read it in another threat.
    I do not own any Chloe. Do they use different kind of leathers? Is your Edith similar than the ones that are sold in Net A Porter?
    Sorry for my bad English and thanks.
  9. Hi again:
    I have just discovered in NAP sale this edith:

    Does anyone own this bag? What do you think? A good choice?
    She is smaller than the Edith tote. I am very short (154 cm.) and I think that the tote is going to be very big for me...
  10. The tpfer who had posted on that thread loved both too and she ended up keeping both bags in black!