Need Help with Diaper Bags!!

  1. Ok so i need so helping figuring out which diaper bag to get..This is my second baby and with my first i had a kate spade and a petunia picklebottom which i loved both..But this time i'm not sure which one to get..Can some one please help..
  2. love the gucci
  3. I love that one too..But here's the thing so i'm going to buy the quinny buzz stroller in the color teal..But it's not going to match the diaper bag so do i get the Black stroller and not the teal? :confused1:
  4. Are you thinking about the gucci baby bag? Me too.... Its not leather though. I hate spending that much on canvas.
    Its funny, I have also looked at the Nest one. I wish I could see it IRL
  5. I think I'll be getting the Gucci as well - its a pretty bag!! I dont think you need to match your diaper bag with your stroller - you wont always be using both at the same time.
  6. Chaiken Mommy Bag!!! I plan to get one myself!
  7. ^^^^ That one looks nice. Good call NYCbagaddict
  8. yaaaa im loving it! i went to visit my friend who just recently gave birth and she got it and i feel in love with it.
  9. You might want to check out the Gucci diaper bags on eBay if you don't want to pay full price. Last time I saw it, there were over 15 and under $500.
  10. i own a gucci diaper bag and i loved it, used it all the time and it fits everything i need for my twins. ill go for the gucci bag if i were you.
  11. hi i like to check how much is a Petunia PickleBottom bag? The Touring Totes design. I dont reside in US so cant check pricing. Their website didnt show pricing. THanks
  12. I bought the gucci diaper bag in black and love it! I have the pink bugaboo and it matches with everything. My husband doesn't mind carrying it either.

    I would also recommend another (cheap) diaper bags for trips to the park and etc.

    BTW, Please be careful with eBay because they tend to be fake, especially if they are new and under $500.

    Good Luck and let us know which one you choose.
  13. I like the gucci. But I like the first one too. I'd go with black. Which I did (Juicy couture baby bag) it matches everything! Its also unisex. :yes: