Need help with diamond wedding band

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  1. Ladies, I tried on a shared prong wedding band w/ 20 point diamonds all the way around at Tiffany. Big mistake...Now nothing I try on seems to compare. The 3 plus carat ring there is about $14,000..yikes!!! Have looked everywhere and get prices from $4,500 on up. I've always heard about the color and the quality, GSI ratings, but they don't take into consideration the cut. Is the Tiffany so much nicer because they have a great cut? Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. No. It's not "nicer" per se, it's a brand. They have a "look". But you can get equally nice, if not nicer, elsewhere.

    Two jewelers to check out online are and Both use excellent quality and very well-cut diamonds.

    I did not like the workmanship through whiteflash and I am not a fan personally of briangavindiamonds but both use extremely ideal-cut and very very high-quality diamonds for their eternity and diamond bands.
  3. Ame, Thanks for the two suggestions. I checked both sites and unfortunately they didn't handle the 3 carat range.
  4. Thanks for posting these. I have been looking at Bluenile and would like to know if you ladies have any thoughts on the site. The ring is about $8,000 here as opposed to $14,000 at Tiffany.
  5. I have not personally bought from there but it is recommended on you may want to check there for more info also :biggrin:

    I have purchased from whiteflash and have had positive transactions there :yes:
  6. I know for fact that they will all make whatever carat weight you want. ID and Facets don't put all of their stuff online. Most of what they do ends up as custom.
  7. I bought an Etoile style band from Blue Nile and am very happy with it. It is slightly lighter than the Tiffany ring ... but also two-thirds cheaper.

    I personally wouldn't pay Tiffany's prices for a ring that could be easily made elsewhere with comparable stones for less.
  8. I ADORE Leon Mege's work & Mark Morell's!

    My dilemma would be to choose between them!
  9. I'm planning on getting the Tiffany knife edge wedding band to go with my e-ring (three stone with knife edge), but when we eventually buy an eternity like you are looking at... It won't be from Tiffany!

    I'm the biggest Tiffany diamond fan there is (as for cut, I get compliments on how sparkly my ring is all the time), but in my opinion the full eternity bands don't look any different than other shared prong settings. I could tell the difference in design between the Tiffany e-rings and unbranded versions but I think the shared prong eternity style can be bought anywhere.

    Btw, an annoying aside: they don't offer a five stone band or a half eternity that matches the knife edge. When I was trying on bands, I didn't like the 7 stone with my ring. I don't mind getting the matching platinum band because I feel like the mark up isn't so bad for the "design" and having the knife edge/thickness look just so. But a full eternity shared prong is a basic design... I feel like it's not really worth it. :smile:

  10. I was going to suggest that also but wasn't sure if she wanted custom. My choice for custom would also be Leon Mege :smile:
  11. Just know that a Leon band of that caliber is gonna be $$$$$
  12. maybe, maybe not. he is fickle lol! I emailed him for a quote on a band that Tiffany has at over $3500 and his price was about $2000 less so ya never know ;)
  13. Well Platinum definitely dictates cost, but he is definitely a DIVA. I got three quotes all a year apart, for the same exact thing. Each one was different by EASILY $1,000. The most recent being cheapest. He will price himself out of a job if he thinks he can't tell you what you want instead of you knowing and telling him what you want. He sure likes to dictate his work. And he's busy enough to do so.