Need Help with decision!!!

  1. Hello,
    I am hoping that one of you that work at Coach could help. What is the most popular?

    I am new to this blog stuff, but I need help deciding which handbag to buy. I only have one (the Hampton Signature CarryAll). I love the dark brown/chestnut color. But I am not sure which one to get. I like a bag that I can sit on the floor and will stand up, but one that is not too deep and easy to get in. I am 5'6" and am not sure which bag would look best on me. I like a shoulder bag. I like the Hampton large signature stripe Hobo, the Soho signature tote, the Ali shoulder flap and the gallery tote, Oh also the Mandi signature courier. Should have just said that I love them all. BIG DECISION !!! I feel unconfortable when I go to the local Coach store, I always feel like I have to make a decision in a hurry. HELP!!
  2. The SA's can help you, but it is really your preference. Maybe some of the bag choices will be eliminated after you see them in person (the stock photos may look different). I like the Ali shoulder flap the best out of your choices.
  3. Hi

    I am new to this site. Luv it!!! I am a Coach afficiado (I have at least 10 in my collection), I haven't bought a new bag since the summer. I have been feeling that I wanted a new one for the fall, but I really could not justify it, since I have so many bags. I also own LV, D&B, Juicy Couture, and Michael Kors bags (one or two of each). Coach is definitely my favorite.

    I was in the mall today, and decided to drop into a Coach store. I saw the Ali bag and fell in love! I have to have it. I will have it. (Still can't really justify it other than it's the first bag in a long time that I absolutely love. Even my 12 year old daughter loves it. Her passions are for Coach, JC and D & B). My only dilemna is which color. I love the whiskey, but I am concerned about stains and scratches. I like the black, (and I wouldn't be so worried about stains) but I probably have over 20 black bags. The suede looks good, but again, those pesky scuff marks would show. Plus, I would be worried about being caught in the rain. I am probably going to buy this bag within the next 2 days, and I am weighing my options.

    Would love to hear first hand experiences that any of you have with this bag. Thanks!
  4. dont worry! take your time in the coach store! i literally spent 2 hours deciding on a wallet LOL!