need help with decision between 2 bags

  1. I really like the morning after the color. I think this would be a great everyday bag. As for the medium Camilla tote, I actually think it is kinda funky and like it too. I don't know if I would carry this everyday, but I guess it depends on what your looking for.
  2. Definitely the RM Morning After. I ardore mine, it's the most versatile bag I own.
  3. definately the mini....unique color. The other one looks average and too shiny
  4. Camilla is more unique. Morning after's design is quite common for about a year already.
  5. Mam
  6. morning after
  7. First one--shape, proportions are better IMO.
  8. I prefer the Camilla tote
  9. The Camilla is very busy, no? It seems to attract the eye for the noise it makes. But the Morning After Mini is quietly elegant. There's a reason it remains so popular.
  10. Eeek.. that rafe bag isn't so cute.

    the MA is the better
  11. I'm not crazy about the Rafe, but here's my brutal honesty about the MA studded bags: the square studs are such a fad that they will date the bag clearly to fall/winter 2007. I think they're really cute, but I fear we will all be sick to death of them by leap day.

    At least that's what I keep telling myself to keep from buying the studded Matinee!
  12. hover, i thought i'd feel the same way, but, the mam arrived today and the studs are not SCREAMING **STUDS***...they're pretty benign, actually...there are 3 on the zipper tab and 4 others...the other hardware is more pronounced and , i thought i'd feel the same way...but...
  13. ^Forgive me, but Im confused! Do you love the MAM or do you not love the MAM?
  14. Is it the MA you feel will look dated or just the MA with studs?