Need help with decision again, thank you!

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  1. Hi there, I have opened a thread before Christmas to ask which Monogram bag should I buy but I still can not make the decision, I need some more help again!

    I wanted to add one more monogram bag to my collection but can not decide between Pallas, Speedy B 35 or Neverfull MM. At the time I opened a poll, I did not save enough for the Pallas so I decided to wait. Now when I can purchase it, I feel confused, is it too much for a canvas bag? It's nice but not so dressy as Brea and not so practical as NF or Speedy B. I had Brea mm in cappuccino before but sell it to my sister because I was so scared of using her. I have also Speedy B 30 in DE and it's my most use bag, that why I want to add one more but in mono instead. So my question is which option would you chose

    1. Brea mm in blue
    2. NF mm in monogram + speedy B 35 in mono

    Thank you in advance! Here are pictures of my current LV family

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  2. I don't like the Brea so I recommed to go with Neverfull and Speedy.
    (Personally I prefer Neverfull PM and Speedy 30, but that wasn't the question ;))
  3. Here are my DE family, which I did reveal during Christmas

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  4. Do u think now you are ok to use brea mm? U are not scared to use it again? For me, it will be a nice collection to add on but the second option is more practical to you because u will use them a lot.
  5. Thank you, Speedy 30 is perfect size for me but I'm looking for my second baby coming in a month so I prefer big bag.
  6. Beautiful collection
  7. I know what you mean about the Pallas-- i didn't like it online, and then i loved it in the store, and then looked at it online again and didn't like it again. So complicated! :P

    Per your question, I would say speedy+NF
  8. I would go with option 2. This way you have all your essential, classic and iconic pieces! Then whatever your next bag may be, you can choose strictly based on appeal, color, or functionality.
  9. I was afraid of the color transfer because I go by bus/train to work every day. Therefore, if I buy Brea again, I would buy dark blue color.
  10. Thank you

    Thank you

    I just concern about the openness of NF, I also have a couple of Coach tote for rainy day and other nicer brand bags but right now I'm into LV :smile:
  11. I really like brea and you don't have any vernis in your collection.mcongratulations on your second baby.
  12. It's what I was writing:tup::yes:
  13. I have the Pallas and it is a beautiful bag - you honestly have to try it on - size wise I don't think it holds more than the 30 and since you have baby #2 coming, I would vote for Brea. Either way, good choices - and CONGRATS on the baby!
  14. hmmmm you already have some mono so my vote gets the brea!👍
  15. Brea is great