Need help with dead skin

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  1. Seriously, I have so much dead skin on my face. Especcially my nose. I have tried masks, creams, even a loofah! but nothing works! im only 13 so I don't think i should go get a facial peel. You guys have any way you get rid of dead skin? i have dead crustly skin what do i do!!!
  2. oopss.... i did not see that you are only 13.
    never mind then...
  3. Try "St. Ives Apricot Scrub", gently massage it where the "dead" skin is. That should help get rid of it.
  4. I'd exfoliate w/ a better brand exfoliator every other night and make sure you're using a moisturizer after. It could be dry skin, not dead skin.
    If you don't wnat to buy an exfoliator, just use your washcloth when you wash instead of your fingers, it works too.
    Moisturizing could be key here though.
  5. I agree with swanky. Get a reputable brand's exfoliator. And use a rich moisturiser every day.
  6. Just be sure it is a safe distance from your face before giving it a decent cremation/burial/respectful toss into the Tower of Silence....
  7. I agree with the st. ives apricot scrub, used gently.
    What else works for me? Don't laugh but good old fashioned baking soda mixed with a little water! It doesn't irritate your skin and works amazingly well.
  8. Dermalogica Daily Exfoliant works well for me. But you're only 13, and your skin is very transitional right now. Don't do anything too harsh... wait it out a bit.
  9. did you try going to a dermatologist? there may be something else causing your skin to be so dry. i would see a doctor in case you use something that will irritate your skin even more.
  10. What products are you currently using? And how often do you wash your face? You may be overtreating. I love St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, but I only use it every other day. Also, don't scrub too hard. And pat your face dry, don't ever rub it. If you use any acne cream, that could be causing dry skin and you may need to cut down how often you use it.
  11. It does not sound like its because you are not exfoilating enough but rather maybe TO much. Your skin sounds like its irritated. I would suggest a topical hydrocortisone cream and a good light moisturizer like Cetaphyl. Wash your face with something really gentle.