Need HELP with David Yurman rings!!

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for a nice silver ring for my boyfriend and found some lovely ones from David Yurman. My boyfriend loves gunmetal/titanium metals over shiny silver metals, so I THINK I found the perfect ring for him!! Excepttttt..there's one little problem. The "perfect" ring I found for him is on Neiman Marcus' website. I want to buy it in person, to see what it looks like up close IRL, how heavy it is, etc. Since there's no NM near me, I went onto the David Yurman site since there's one relatively close by. The DY site has a ring SIMILAR to it, and described almost exactly the same (not to mention they used very little words)...but the pictures are completely different!!! I'm so confused! :crybaby:

    Here are the links:

    This is the PERFECT ring I'm looking for:


    This is the ring on the DY site:

    The first one is a little darker, and the lines in between the cable design are black looking, while the second one looks ALL silver to me.. Can you tell me some suggestions?? I don't want the SA at the DY store to think I'm nuts if I explain this to her. Do you think they're the same style ring, but it comes it different colors? Or..different rings..or possibly the one from NM was from last season or something and DY doesn't sell it anymore, so that's why it's not on their site?? (Forgive me for being a total newb! I've never bought anything from DY before!)

    All your help is appreciated!! Thanks so much!!
  2. Looks the same to me, just the second one is tilted in a brighter light. The real ring probably looks more like the first link (NM's link). DY is known for the dark coloring between the cables. Very nice.
  3. if the insert is sterling, it will age and look the way the 1st photo looks. even if it starts out looking more like the 2nd photo. sterling ages quickly.