need help with D&G dolce and gabbana dress sizing~

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  1. Just bought a dress online with the size 38/2

    Im a 00 in CM and xs-s in AF, would this size fit? and how is this brand compare to vera wang lavendar label dresses? Thanks:smile::smile:
  2. I usually wear a size 38 in D&G and i'm a size small or a 2.

    If you're a size 00, the 38 may be a little big on you.
    But, why don't you just wait for the dress to arrive and then try it on. Not everything fits the same just because it's a particular brand.
  3. I'm usually always a 00 or xs, but with DG I found that I was a 2 - I purchased a khaki/black zip up top last summer from Neimans and while the 0 fit me fine along the torso, I couldn't zip it up past my ribcage (and I'm not "huge" up there - a 32D) so I had to exhange it for a size 2 which fit me perfectly.