Need help with Current Elliot Sizing

  1. I wear a 25/26 in citizens and J brands and I wear a 25 in current and elliots. They stretch A LOT. I can fit a 24. I would do a 27 if you wear a 28.
  2. I'm a size 24 and I want to order the Current Elliott Stiletto jeans.
    I'm afraid to size down in case they don't fit me. Does anyone have any experience with these specific model called the stiletto jeans. available on Shopbop
  3. I bought a pair of Stiletto size 24 and it's a real disaster. After wearing them for a few hours they stretch out so much that even with a belt, they look horrible.
    I will never buy the brand again....
  4. I got the stiletto jeans (leopard) and sized down only one size and they fit me fine.
    I have skinny legs and my mid section could be slimmer..I don't have problem that they were stretching. They were great if u ask me. HTH..
  5. ooops! only just saw this thread when my jeans are already on the way!
    i'm usually 25/26 and have bought 25 and 26 to try on just in case...
    i hope one of them will fit me :sad:
  6. I have to buy C/E in my true size but over and over the problem I have is that they are a bit tight in the legs (I have athletic legs) and too loose in the waist. They make such beautiful jeans and I get tempted every season but I don't think I should buy them anymore...
  7. ITA! Current Elliot needs to be a size down to fit my waist, and true to size to fit my legs without feeling squished. It's made for the Nastia Liukin shape leg, not Shawn Johnson shaped more muscular leg. So I have to order true to size and wear a belt. I gave up on the brand as well.
  8. Glad someone else feels the same way! What brands do you like? I find MOTHER fits me really well. Paige is decent as well, and most J Brands are good too.
  9. Thanks! I'll try those brands!

    The only brand I currently wear is diesel. Once I found some that fit I didn't bother finding other brands.
  10. I've got an even worse problem!I love CE jeans but even my Serfontaine in 22" drainpipe Emerald (ie no hips) are big on me, so my other jeans are custom made, because nobody makes a 21" with a 33" inside leg!!

    It's very expensive so I have to choose denims that are really going to last a long time, and hope that I stay the same size, otherwise I'll have wasted a fortune (one pair being loved to death, 2 pairs on pre-order).

    Good luck finding teeny jeans!
  11. I'm thinking of getting the boyfriend jeans, but I have the same problem as you. I have a very small waist but athletic legs...and I hate my jeans tight in my thighs, so uncomfortable.

    Any sizing advice on the boyfriend?

    I am a 27 in True Religion... in some styles I can do a 26.
    In Jbrand I range from a 28-29 depending on the style so it can fit my thighs.
    I've never tried on Current/Elliot so I'm not sure if I should go with my TR size or my Jbrand size and size down from there?
  12. ^ i size down in Current Elliott because they tend to stretch a lot. i'm 27 in J Brand but always a size 26 in C/E and even their 26 stretch out on me after hours of wearing.