Need help with Current Elliot Sizing

Dec 26, 2006
I'm interested in getting the current elliot straight/skinny legged jeans.

Does anyone know how the sizes run? I normally wear a 28 in J brand and citizens, but those jeans normally have some stretch to them. The elliot jeans I'm looking at are cotton/polyurethane.

Thank you!


Aug 7, 2007
Heya.. i actually just tried these on and I usually wear a 25 in Jbrand and the 24 in these actually still had some room. Usually the 25 in Jbrand fits perfectly.. so i'd def suggest go down a size. I really like these as well.. but for me I didn't care for the paint on them..trying to figure out if i can remove the paint lol. Have you found anything similiar in a darker wash?


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May 22, 2009
i would go down 2 sizes as mine stretched out i had to have them taken in. And i purchased the love destroyed without the paint splatters. Had to have them special ordered from current elliott in la and they ended up costing just a lil over 300, but they were totally worth it. I get asked about them like crazy when i wear them. Jeans can be ordered at the hills at kerisdale in vancouver bc :smile:


Jan 21, 2010
hi! new to this forum and let me just get straight to the point!

i'm beyond interested (borderline obsessed) with the c/e moto skinny jeans from shopbop. i want to get them but i don't know which size to get. shopbop, NAP, and revolve all say these run true to size. a couple customer reviews also say tts. however everyone else says buy one size down.

i'm normally a 28 in 7's, true relgions, g-star, nudie...pretty much everything out there. very rarely do i ever size down. i also don't want them to fit tight...more of a worn-out skinny jean.

any recommendations on which size to get? thanks!


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Jan 26, 2007
Depends on whether you have a small waist and thighs. If you do, size down, as the legs on these jeans tend to be very tight. Otherwise, stick with your usual size, although the waist tends to stretch.


Sep 14, 2006
Yes I just bought a pair and only worn it for two days and the waist seems stretched out already. The SA said she usually wears her new jeans for two weeks to get them into your shape before washing it. I guess there is nothing I can do now? I don't think I could have gotten one size down coz the thighs were already pretty tight.