Need Help with Crossbody Bag Recommendation!

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  1. #1 Nov 7, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
    I am looking for a DE bag that has a zippered top with single or double handle that will fit over the shoulders and also has a detachable crossbody strap?!

    The closest bag I could fine to this description is the Jersey but I don't think it's being made anymore.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions or recommendations for LV bags that I may like! I would prefer to be able to buy in store but am open to looking for a discontinued preloved style too!
  2. Speedy B 25
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  3. thanks I am not a speedy fan. I am wanting more of a tote or other style! Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. Hi. What about the Lymington :smile:


    Darn. Just realized it’s out of stock online.
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  5. I have been through this search and came up with a few. Really not a great selection of totes as that was what I was looking for too.
    Siena pm/mm
    Caissa pm
    Kensington Bowling
    Evora MM
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  6. Siena PM gets my pick as it sits closer to the body compared with Speedy 25.
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  7. That one looked cute but yes it was oos
  8. Thank you! Which one did you end up getting in the end and why?
  9. Agree I'm not a big speedy fan because of the boxy shape either
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  10. Speedy is a nice handheld bag, boxy but roomy. Classic shape but retains value and prices keep increasing. Have you considered getting two bags? One handheld (Speedy/Neverfull) and one crossbody (Bloomsbury or South Bank Besace). Looking at their prices you can get both with the price of Jersey or Normandy. Just my two cents. They are just canvas and you should consider the leather range. Neo Alma PM? LockMe Tote? V Tote?
  11. Tried the Evora and Belmont as I wanted a bigger bag. Evora ended up being too big and I never used it. Belmont was not comfy crossbody.
    Bought Siena PM and found it too small. Siena MM seemed too dressy for my needs as well as Kensington.
    Ended up with Speedy B 30 and South Bank Besace. Was trying to avoid the Speedy too but at the end of the day it’s a pretty versatile great bag.