Need help with colors.....

  1. I can't figure out what colors these match on the swatches for the seasons on atelier. What is butterscotch? What season is caramel or is it really camel? What is Berry Red? I wish they would choose one name and stick with it. :confused1: So confusing. It seems every store has a different name for the same color.

    Day: Butterscotch,Blueberry, Oxblood, Cement, Forest Green, Truffle,
    Emerald, Rust, Olive,Dark Caramel,Black, Ink Blue,White, Cornflower Blue,
    Pale Pink, Ice Blue, Metallic Silver, Berry Red
  2. I'm pretty sure that butterscoth is the f/w caramel and berry red is rouge theater. I'd give them a call on that one, since it's at the end of the list, with the older colors is why I think it's the 05 red...
  3. Oxblood = Grenat
    Cement = Greige
    Forest Grren = sapin
    Rust = Rouille
    Ink = Encre
    That are the ones I remember
  4. I believe that the butterscotch is the new "Camel/ Light Caramel" It is the perfect name for it!

    You should check this site out, the first link is the new Pre-Fall/ Fall colours
    atelier.naff: Where have these been hiding? More swatches...

    And this link has all the prior year colours with the different names:
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season

    I wish you well,

  5. Caramel was released in 02 and 05, I believe, and I don't think there was a Camel. I thought Berry Red = Rouge Theatre 05 but now I'm not sure, they must mean Rouge Vif. Where are these names from? Butterscotch, yeah, that must be the new one.
  6. These are from the thread on Achtung where the colors were listed that were in stock at BNY. I am assuming these are the names the SA gave to her.
  7. the new light caramel colour for fall 06 is called Camel (thats the colour in french).

    Butterscotch sounds like a great name for it though.. i did feel like i wanted to eat the bag, it looked that scrumpticious . :biggrin:
  8. Agree with you ladies:yes:
    Berry red=Rouge 2005 :heart:(also called Rouge Théâtre???)
    Butterscotch=camel F06:graucho: :love: