Need help with color combination!

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Looking for some input! I have an opportunity to place another custom order and I'm thinking an ostrich Birkin. I LOVE contrast linings and have several bags with those. These are the ostrich colors I'm considering:

    Mousse (Blush)
    Dark Brown
    Bright Red
    Royal Blue
    Dove Grey

    Can you think of any great combinations for lining? (for the dark brown, maybe a blue, but which one?)

    Thanks so much!
  2. Hi All
    New to the forum but really would appreciate some help...thanks!!
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum!

    I've always loved brown with either cyclamen or blue jean interiors!
  4. Hi and welcome! I would love dark brown with fuchia!
  5. Me too. I think it would be a treat to open up a birkin with fuschia interior!

    Or even dove grey exterior with fuschia interior.
  6. Aminamina has an etoupe JPG with a rose shocking interior - TDF!

    I like this combination as well!
  7. I do love the fuschia interior. Both my black birkins have contrast and fuschia. grey with fuschia sounds pretty as well....what do you think of mousse with rose indienne interior(do you know the name of the palest pink?)
  8. A bright blue (thalassa, sapphire) would be nice, and for something colourful but more restrained, there's raisin...
  9. I love etoupe, but in ostrich I can only get dove grey or graphite
  10. i agree - etoupe is not as bright as it is in togo
  11. i think if i were going to buy an ostrich bag however that i would think long term - possibly 20 years from now - so i think id try to be as neutral as possible
  12. Fuschia or BJ lining would be so lovely with the dark brown. Or even the violet would be so pretty too.
  13. Hi Girls

    I know my SA told me this but I cannot remember....are linings for Birkins usually chevre? If so, what is the lightest pink color in chevre? I do have an off-white (forgotten the name of the color, bought it YEARS ago) Kelly in ostrich, (and I thought an ostrich Birkin in a similar color, a bit too much of the same?) but just LOVED the mousse ostrich Birkin I saw someone picking up at my has a touch of blush and I'm thinking of it with a pale pink lining...

  14. The one danger is that a really pale lining may not be all that practical?