Need help with color and HW combo

  1. [​IMG]

    What color is this bag?

    I found this on and the title says 'Balenciaga Textured Leather Shoulder Bag Navy)' and one of their descriptions say 'Authentic Balenciaga leather shoulder bag features luxurious textured grayish navy leather'. (It looks black to me though). :confused1:

    I' m a newbie here and wondering if navy color ever comes with SGH.

    I was about to buy it but still feel a little hesitant about this color and HW combo.

    I need all you guys expert here to help me identify the color of the bag. I don't want to be surprised or disappointed when I open the box.

  2. Marine (a navy blue) was a pre-spring 07 color and never came with silver hardware, which was just introduced for the pre-fall colors. However, that bag looks black to me.
  3. The photo looks completely black, almost as if it was taken in black and white rather than colour.

    Ignoring this, could Plomb be another candidate for the colour as it is dark grey?
  4. Hi...The bag looks like Steel to me because I have one and its so close to Black that unless they are wouldn't know the difference...
    Also, just to give my personal opinion...This Steel color looks better with the Silver Hardware than the Black...:yes: I think its very stunning!
  5. I think it could be Plomb/Steel (same colour) too - it's a very dark grey. However it could still be black! Some nice pics to help you decide:

    There's not any black SGH pics in the colour reference thread but the club has it:

    In RL plomb looks stunning with SGH, but if you decide you won't be disappointed if it does turn out to be black, then go for it!
  6. It looks like Steel to me too
  7. Steel is a charcoal silvery tone with navy-black-silver undertones and it came with sgh so I think it can only be steel/plomb (which is gorgeous IMHO):

  8. Thank you all your input. I'm also wondering if sell authentic stuff.

    I'm worried because I used to read the therad in Fendi forum saying that all your Fendi bought from Off 5 might not be authentic. :confused1: