Need help with CL Sizing - specifically Decollette

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  1. Hello,

    I'm a 36.5 in VP's, Yoyo, Point Toe pumps and Simple pumps.

    Are the decollettes better a half size up? I tried them on in a 37, they seem snug up front but a tiny bit long. Are you always the same size in CL's?
  2. I have the decollettes and went 1/2 to 1 size up. They are pretty narrow. If its just snug, depending on the material it will stretch out. I have a black jazz one and I think it will eventually stretch out.
  3. Thanks - that's helpful!
  4. They are def a 1/2 to a full size up, depending on material. I own 4 or 5 pairs (have lost count), and they range over 1 full size.
  5. Go up 1/2 to a full size.
  6. I went up a full size in the Decollete. I usually wear a 39 but got a 40 in the Decollete.
    I love them but they are not that comfy....but totally worth the pain lol
  7. I have just gotten a Simple pump in black and they ran true to my size of 38. Would def like to get the V Prive and maybe Pigalles. How do these run? V Prive - true? Pigalles - half to full up? TIA.
  8. V Prive are true to size. I had to go 1 size up for the decolletes. I have never tried the Pigalles (but would love to!)
  9. i guess my feet are weird b/c i'm usually a 5 and i heard they ran small so i asked for a 5 1/2 and they were roomy in the back and i felt like if i walked, my feet would slip out especially b/c they were tall heels. so i asked for a 5 and they fit snugly which i figured would be better b/c they'd stretch a bit like my wallis mj's. does it depend on how narrow your feet are also?
  10. Addicted --

    Are your feet very narrow? You're the same size in VP's and the Simple?
  11. Yes, I'm the same size in VP's and Simple. I don't think my feet are narrow at all. If I went up a 1/2 size in the VP's they were flopping all over the place (too long). The simples fit great. I think it's the round toe that helps.

    Fatefullotus - are you different sizes in the VP's and Simple?
  12. bumping this thread

    I'm about to purchase a pair of Decollete 868 Black Jazz and I need some help with sizing.

    My foot is SOOOO weird in general and we all know all of our sizing is really strange with CL. I bought the horatios in a 40, and they are quite big on me, but I bought the 40.5 in the Ernestas and they fit great. Will the 40.5 in the style I'm asking about work or are they going to be too big? I haven't been able to try them on in store and won't be able to anytime soon. Thoughts?

    P.S. Sorry for the bold face, it wouldn't go back to normal font. lol

    Oh, and also forgive me b/c I have not be able to get in store in a while, but does this style go on sale, and if so, how much does it usually get discounted, 40%, 50%+???
  13. I have them & I went a full size up. I usually wear a 39-39.5 and I got a 40 in the Decolette.
    For comparision here are my other cl's & sizes.
    Activas - 39.5
    Veee - 39
    Decolette - 40
    No. Prive Slingbacks - 39.5
    Very Prive Pep-toe - 39.5
    hmm...cant think of the other sizes, but mainly same :yes:

  14. Thanks Stinas for your response. I'm going to get them for $450. I know retail is much more, but I'm in no rush to get them seeing as how I have a million pairs of shoes. Do they go on sale more than that? Should I just wait?
  15. black CLs rarely go on sale and if they do it's usuualy really small or really big sizes. I have these. I normally wear an 38.5 in shoes but these I went up a full size. CL sizing is all over the place. I say get them at least a half size bigger because at least if they are too big you can pad them with footpetals and still make them work but if they are too small then you are stuck.

    I have kinda wide feet if that helps at all. The Decollete line fits me really well buy I can't wear the Pigalle line at all.