Need Help With Choosing A Wallet!

  1. I have the Mandy Courier in the signature w/gold trim but need help with what wallet I should get. Currently I am using my khaki/tan (light beige?) wallet, but don't like how it looks with the bag's gold trim. I also have a Coach leather wallet, but the brown is more of a caramel color. I need to have a checkbook wallet. Would love any suggestions!
    Picture 110.jpg
  2. Oops, I meant to say I am using my signature khaki/tan wallet.

    What about the signature stripe accessories? The zip around wallet is adorable but it isn't available in gold on the website any longer. Wonder if you could find it by calling the 800 number or at an outlet. I've seen some adorable mini skinnies on eBay too that are signature with the gold trim. (the ones with the pocket on the front) Or there's the madison lurex gold signature that might work nicely. It's not too matchy but still is in gold. Nice bag!
  4. I agree! The gold zip-around wallet would look great with that bag. I think you should call the 800 number because that's how I got my "fug" wallet. They didn't have that color listed online so I called -- they had several colors available.
  5. I agree as well! It will look great with it!
  6. ditto! :yes: