need help with choosing a daily purse to work

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  1. my lambskin chanel jumbo is to fancy and heavy but medium is too small.i have a burberry haymarket tote and prada saffiano tote however my mum complains a lot they can not zip up!!!
    so now i have to buy a new bag to stop her complaining!

    so basically i am looking for a canvas tote that can zip up,LV PALLAS looks fantastic but after the jumbo my budget went down a lot and could't afford it😭

    can any one gimme suggestions,thank you😘
  2. Have you thought about Longchamp Le Pliage?
    Lots of nice colours, rainproof, roomy and reasonable prices.....
  3. i have 2 already …they r too causal…😰
  4. Have you tried some second tier designers like Michael Kors?
  5. If the nylon Longchamp Le pliage is too casual for you maybe you can buy one from Le pliage cuir line. The leather ones are less casual than the nylon ones and they also have a strap. I think the red one or the camel one are not bad.

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  6. the LV totally or the COACH borough bag would be my top choices for you!
  7. I would suggest Michael Kors Selma.