Need Help with Choosing a CHANEL Black Vintage XL Flap Bag

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  1. Hi TPF community:

    I am a new member and absolutely love this site and enjoy seeing all of your beautiful pieces.

    I am currently in the market for an excellent/mint condition CHANEL vintage Black Vintage XL flap bag. Can you please help me make a good decision in this purchase? I want to make sure I do not make mistake of buying a bag that may have issues or potential issues I may not see as a new purchaser.

    I have a few sites and options in mind, but would prefer to discuss in my Conversations so I can have a more detailed discussion about the purchase.

    Below is a link to a purse for consideration and gives you an idea of the style I am looking for.

    What do think of this bag?

    Can anyone of you also share a link for a bag for sale that would be an excellent choice for consideration?

    Is there anything I need to be aware of when purchasing this bag?

    Thank you in advance for your help!
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    Hi! :smile: The thread title caught my eye... I have this same bag in caviar leather (since March 2015 until now, preowned from Ebay)

    Since that time I've seen this purse fluctuate around the $3K price point, maybe a little less for bags with more wear. Are you looking for lambskin? If so it's much easier to find than the caviar version.

    I've seen this bag on Ebay, Boutique Patina and Malleries recently...

    Boutique Patina (lambskin):
    BP (caviar, but overpriced):
    Malleries has a few currently but they're definitely more worn (but under $3K).

    I've purchased from Boutique Patina in the past (Hermes purchase though), my experience was a good one. And they have coupon codes.

    I love the bag, I don't see myself ever selling it. I would caution though (and this may differ with caviar vs lambskin) that it's a bit heavy. The chains are very substantial and thick, and the bag is leather lined which will attribute to the weight. Another thing to note: since the chains are so heavy, be careful of chain marks on preowned bags... if improperly stored, the bag can easily get them.. my caviar one had dents from the chain when I purchased it...despite the material being a REALLY tough caviar.

    If you have any more q's let me know :smile:
  3. I've been eyeing this bag too, off and on for the past few years. What I would say is to look carefully at the puffs in the quilts. If it has indentations due to the chains or any deflation- you must be ok with them and it may worsen in the future.

    Other than that I think it's a beautiful classic bag that is timeless [emoji173]️
  4. Hi Dawn72, Thank you for your reply.:smile: THIS is the kind of information I need to know and I will definitely keep this in mind during my search.

    Is there anything with this particular bag that is a flag? I am surprised it has been on the market this long and am wondering if there is an issue with the bag that is causing other potential buyers not to purchase it?

    On another note, I did speak with Leather Surgeons to see if there is anything they can do to fix the quilts on the bags (i.e. dents from the chain, deflation of the leather) and was told they would be able to work on the leather and help the quilts to "relax" as best as they could. They said it is easier to work with lambskin vs the caviar leather.
  5. Thanks lilgirlhj for responding to my thread.:smile: Yeah, I am in love with Vintage Chanel pieces.

    And yes, I am definitely looking for the lambskin. I am new to Chanel so I want to start collecting pieces that are most iconic to the brand. The first three things I think about are those luscious, beautiful quilts, the chain and leather and then the GHW. Just lovely! Once I have obtained all of my classic pieces, then I want to venture out in the colors.

    This will be my first CHANEL bag purchase so I am looking for my HG bag. I just love this bag.

    Thank you for the tips. I am used to carrying larger bags so I don't think the weight will be an issue.

    And thanks for posting the two bags. I looked over those bags many times. I agree the caviar bag is way overpriced. Plus it is the standard jumbo vs the XL size. My hesitancy with the lambskin bag is that BP gave it a rating of "very good." I want an excellent/mint condition bag.
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