Need help with Chanel Tote

  1. This is my first post and I need help. I'm finally getting off of purse ban (yeah!!) and want to buy a Chanel tote. I've been looking at the reference library and doing some research and I don't know which bag I should get. Should I get the GST (silver hardware), Cerf or Madallion? I want to use it for everyday and I want it in black. Would love any input. Thanks!
  2. I have all three (bordeaux gst; beige medallion, and black cerf). If I had to chose an everyday tote, it would definitely be the GST or the Cerf. The Cerf is decidedly "quieter" (doesn't shout it's logo) than the other two bags. It is literally quieter than the Medallion, which makes a clanking noise when the charm is outside the bag. The Cerf is an elegant bag and it comes with an optional shoulder strap. There are no chains on it which makes it lighter to carry than the GST. I had the GST first and then got the Cerf. If I had to make a split second decision between the Cerf and a GST the Cerf would win hands down. It worked out that I bought the three bags within several months and the cerf, purchased a couple of weeks ago, was totally an impulse buy.
    The GST and Cerf are roomier than the Medallion and they are both less dressy. GST is my work bag. I can put a lot of stuff in there! The Medallion is somewhat more tailored and works (for me, anyway) as a dressier handbag.
    Hope this helps.
    CH_CERF.jpg gst_model.jpg medalion_charley.jpg
  3. My vote would be GST. And welcome to the Forums :smile:
  4. Balto Bag Lady: Thanks for posting the pics of your bags. I love them all. I'll have to call my SA at Saks and see if they have the bags in stock. I know the Black GST is out - she is trying to locate it for me. The Medallion may also work for me because I want to use it as a handbag as well. I wish I could buy all three but I only need one tote. I also want the white med. flap bag. I have the jumbo flap in black and love it.

    Thanks for your input!

    Happy New Year Everyone!
  5. I have both the GST and Cerf with a Medallion on the way.

    I adore the Cerf, although it is not a comfortable shoulder bag for me (don't use the optional shoulder strap). The GST makes a statement because the quilting, logo and chains are classic Chanel. It always gets compliments when taken out.

    If you want a tote that screams Chanel the GST is it, but if you want a more understated look then go for the Cerf.

    The Medallion may be hard to use a shoulder bag since the drop is short.
  6. All are great choices and everyone has given great advice so far I think!

    For me, I wouldn't use the Cerf as a shoulder bag either and the Medallion is a little small for my taste ... love the GST but it is a wee bit heavy for me personally ...

    if you can try them on first I would do that!
  7. Of the three, I think GST is the classic choice.
  8. Thanks to everyone for your input. I went to Saks and tried on all three bags. I think I will be getting the Cerf for work. I figured I can also use it as a diaper bag ha, ha. (due in May).
  9. All are great choices so it would be your preference and you can't go wrong. However, GST is the one everyone will know is classic Chanel.
  10. All 3 are fab, but I like Cerf best (love the understated elegance), followed by GST, then Medallion.
  11. I ordered the Cerf and can't wait to receive it. I just wanted to thank everyone for their input.
  12. I love the cerf!! I'm glad you ordered it. You will adore it! :smile:
  13. i just got my Cerf tote today! classic! i love it
  14. Congratulations :smile: Those cerf totes are so classy !
  15. Yea for work, Cerf its the best choice since it has the look for it, im glad that you decided! cuz i was gonna say either cerf or medallion, but cerf has that work look more stated and the brand less understated.