Need help with chanel bag!

  1. A few years back my mom bought a chanel bag from Selfridges [London I think] that she no longer needs. The bag is in great condition but I have a problem - I have no idea what bag it is!

    If you could help me out with a nice little descrption or at least tell me the name of the bag and what sort of price it's worth i'd be very grateful :smile:


    [Photo of bag]
  2. Also i've just been reading authenticity post etc, and it says MADE IN FRANCE 1102 inside, and it has the CHANEL / PARIS on the inside of the fastener
  3. Any help? :sad:
  4. It's a timeless classic flap. Can you provide the measurements so we can tell you what size it is?

    Also, there is no buying and/or selling on tPF. Be careful or one of the mod's will remove your post altogether.
  5. Make sure you list in the auction whether you have the dustbag, care card, authenticity card, and a zillion pictures, you'll get a bunch of questions anyway so make a preemptive strike & try to have everything in the auction.
    Best of luck!
  6. It would also be helpful if you can give us the serial number on the hologram sticker. Looks like a vintage flap to me, since it hasn't got the two quilted triangles above the twistlock closure.
  7. Or I was thinking maybe a mini.
  8. Was thinking the same thing at first Mon, but the mini has got less triangles. I think it looks smaller because of the angle of the picture.
  9. Okay it's 9"x6"x2" approx [Length x Height x Depth]

    Any idea on the price of this bag at all? I don't have any of the accesories that come with it unfortunately :sad: She throws things away!
  10. Do these measurements help? :smile: