Need help with Céline authenticators

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  1. Can anyone tell me who are the leading online authenticators for Céline please?

    I have bought a pre loved Céline box but now doubting authenticity due to no serial number in the back zipper pocket and very unusual code tag in the patch pocket instead.

    Mods, sorry if there is already a list, I could not find it though. Thank you.
  2. If you send me pictures, I'd be more than happy to authenticate for you.
  3. The early years of the Box saw the use of the leather tab as a date/serial number.
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  4. oh thank you so much! Here are some pictures, as I don't think I can DM you. 1. IMG_7499.JPG 2. IMG_7498.JPG
    3. IMG_7500.JPG 4. IMG_5213.jpg 5. IMG_0753.jpg 6. IMG_2654.jpg 8A. IMG_7265.JPG 8B IMG_7278.JPG 9A. IMG_7266..JPG 9B. IMG_7267.JPG
  5. And a few more pics. No serial number in the zipper pocket, and the leather tag in the patch pocket is really hard to photograph! I think the numbers are 0131, and I cannot see any letters.

    thanks again xx
    7. IMG_7002.jpg 10. IMG_7375.JPG 11A. IMG_0691.jpg 11B. IMG_0701.jpg 11C. IMG_0708.jpg 11D. IMG_7354.JPG 12. IMG_7494.JPG 13. IMG_7501.JPG 14.  IMG_7504.JPG
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  7. Reminder that all authenticity inquiries must be in the Authenticate This Céline thread only please.
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  8. Ok sorry. I will post in that thread.

    my first query is just for the private authenticators that are reliable for Céline. Have people used Authenticate4u *****************, Lollipuff, for Céline?

    Any others? Sorry I am a Céline fancier from the early days and I have not kept up with the last few years and I don’t know the current experts!
  9. Hi! I had an incident where Authenticate 4U claimed my box bag was authentic, then when I went through Lollipuff they said it was fake, which they were right about. They even told me exactly why it was fake. Based on my experiences with Lollipuff, although they can be slightly more expensive, they seem much more thorough and reliable. I have used Lollipuff for many other brands too.
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  10. Did you let authenticat4u know? I’ve always used them for Celine and trust them completely.
    There is always the chance that Lollipuff is wrong? I’m only trying to be fair and not confrontational.
    I don’t like to see someone’s reputation tarnished without all the facts and the whole story.
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