Need help with CDN Pricing!

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the price of a Speedy 30 is in Canada?
  2. As of September 2006, it was 670.00 - not sure with the price increase. I haven't been to LV since early October.

    Edit: I have no idea if it was increased. But this should give you an idea.
    Your in Vancouver, I love the LV there!!!! At Hotel Vancouver. Only been there a few times.
  3. Thats what I thought bf seems to think that it's 100-200 dollars more? But it was 670 last time I went...unless he's trying to throw me off track by making me think that's not what I'm getting. If I call the store will they tell me how much it is?
  4. He might be right. As LV had a price increase. But I don't know - I don't live in Vancouver. :crybaby: I used to. But I hope to there sometime in December. As my sister lives in Vancouver, and I usually go there to do some x'mas shopping. I'm sure someone here can answer your question!! And have the right amount. I got a Monogram Speedy 25 :love: I love her! And she's the perfect size for me. I got it from Hotel Vancouver LV.
  5. Yeah I heard there was supposed to be a 3% increase or something, but a 100-200$$ increase would be over 20%! That's insane! Hopefully they'll tell me when I call them tomorrow!
  6. Yes I agree, that's a big jump to an extra 100-200 increase. Are you going to be getting a Mono Speedy 30? :smile:
  7. i heard it's a 4% increase too...$100-200 increase sounds ridiculous! call them...they're always helpful at the hotel vancouver LV. i'm feeling the itch also...prob go check it out this weekend!
  8. not all items are affected by the price increase in canada. you should give your LV store a call. they are very nice and helpful!
  9. You could always email the people at That's what I do every so often. I believe it is around 670. I went to HR and looked at speedy 25 it was 640.
  10. i always call to get prices for items...they're pretty helpful at 866 vuitton...
  11. i went last week and got told 670$ so im pretty sure thats it ! :smile:
  12. :yes: Yes, I paid $670+gst with my mono speedy on nov. 20 at holt renfrew in edmonton.