Need help with Cartier Trinity Ring pricing

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  1. Hi everybody! I'm trying to figure out the price of the Cartier Trinity Ring (US dollars) and the website is really confusing me. I'm looking at the basic 3-gold ring (no diamonds). The Cartier website shows two 'small models' of this ring, both in 18k gold. One is $850 and one is $1050. I cannot figure out the difference between the two--both say they are small, 18k 3-gold.

    Can anyone familiar with the Trinity collection clarify the pricing? Any idea if the prices are going up soon? My mom, sister, and I care all considering getting this ring together and I'm just trying to price things out and figure out if it's an option for us.
  2. The 850 ring width is 2.8 mm and the 1,050 is I think 3.3mm I believe. So the price difference is due to the width of the rings. Hope this helps.
  3. peppermintpatty, thank you! It was driving me nuts! Now to decide which one to get... :smile:
  4. Fun! Tell us what you choose.